Top Hangout Spots Near the University of Bremen: A Guide

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The University of Bremen, established in 1971, initially focused on teacher training as part of the “Bremen Model” during a period of social reform. These fundamental principles continue to underpin its success in research. It is a mid-sized German university with approximately 20,000 students. Bremen provides a broad spectrum of over 100 master’s and bachelor’s programs, including the state law exam, for dedicated and skilled students.

The university emphasizes research-based learning, a distinctive feature from its inception. About 41% of the 2,500 faculty members, which include 270 professors (with 29% being women), engage in teaching and research across various disciplines.

In addition to its academic offerings, the University of Bremen enriches the student experience with a diverse cultural landscape. Close proximity to numerous museums and tourist attractions enhances the living and learning environment for students. Discover more about popular hangout spots near the University of Bremen below.

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Top 5 Hangout Spots Near University of Bremen

The lively city of Bremen, a key Hanseatic hub in north-west Germany and famed for the Bremen Town Musicians, is a captivating blend of history, tradition, science, nature, and culture. In essence, Bremen is a city ripe for exploration.

Bremen, a culturally diverse city nestled along the Weser river, is steeped in a rich historical tapestry. While the locals take pride in their Hanseatic roots, they do so with a quiet sense of satisfaction rather than overt boasting. Around the University of Bremen, there are numerous enticing spots for students to discover and enjoy with their peers.

Here are some of the standout hangout locations in close proximity to the University of Bremen:

Overseas Musuem, Bremen

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The Bremen Overseas Museum, located at Bahnhofspl. 13, 28195 Bremen in Northern Germany, is a natural history museum. It is also known as the Übersee Museum Bremen in German. Established in 1887 by the zoologist Hugo Schauinsland (1887-1933), the museum is currently under the direction of Wiebke Ahrndt.

The museum is termed “overseas” because it showcases cultural legacies, natural phenomena, and trade practices from nations and continents beyond its immediate region. This includes diverse exhibits covering Africa, Asia, South Pacific/Oceania, America, and more.

  • Phone: +49 421 160380
  • Address: Bahnhofspl. 13, 28195 Bremen, Germany
  • Founded: 15 January 1896
  • Director: Wiebke Ahrndt

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Universum Bremen

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The Universum Bremen, commonly referred to as the Universum Science Center, stands as one of the prime attractions in the city. Located at Wiener Straße in Bremen, Germany, this science museum was inaugurated in the year 2000, in close proximity to the University of Bremen. The museum features an extensive display of approximately two hundred and fifty collections.

Visitors are actively encouraged to engage with these exhibits, and on average, the museum welcomes around four hundred and fifty thousand visitors annually. Additionally, the exhibits within the museum aim to depict facets of nature encompassing the Earth, cosmos, and humanity.

  • Address: Wiener Straße 1a, 28359 Bremen, Germany
  • Phone: +49 421 33460
  • Opened: 9 September 2000

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Theater am Goetheplatz

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The Theater am Goetheplatz in Bremen is a remarkable city-operated theater. Situated within the Goetheplatz square, it shares the space with other established venues like Kleines Haus, Moks, and Brauhauskeller. Since its inception in 1914, the theater has been a favored destination for experiencing high-caliber operas, operettas, plays, classical dances, concerts, and children’s productions.

Annually, the Theater am Goetheplatz presents over 600 performances in its spacious 800-seat auditorium. Additionally, the venue boasts an in-house gallery featuring rotating exhibitions.

  • Address: Goethepl. 1-3, 28203 Bremen, Germany
  • Phone: +49 421 3653333
  • Architects: Otto Blendermann, August Abbehusen
  • Opened: 1913

Schlachte Embankment

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The Schlachte Embankment was once Bremen’s primary port and harbor. Today, it has transformed into a picturesque destination, especially delightful for evening visits. This area is bustling with riverside dining options, beer gardens, and cafes where you can savor artisan cocktails while taking in the scenic views.

Whether you fancy a leisurely walk along the River Weser, an enjoyable riverboat cruise, or exploring a diverse weekend market, the Schlachte Embankment offers a range of family-friendly activities to enjoy after sunset in Bremen.

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Meisenfrei Blues Club

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Meisenfrei Blues Club is a pub and adjoining music venue known for its live music shows. The focus here is on both local and global bands playing a range of music genres such as krautrock, heavy metal, alt-rock, and blues.

Renowned acts like Canned Heat and Savoy Brown have graced the stage at Meisenfrei Blues Club. Additionally, it’s worth noting that beverages are reasonably priced. For a fantastic rock performance experience in Bremen, a visit to Meisenfrei Blues Club is highly recommended.

  • Address: Hankenstraße 18, 28195 Bremen, Germany
  • Phone: +49 421 15223


Q1. What are some popular hangout spots near the University of Bremen?

Ans. There are several popular hangout spots near the University of Bremen. Some of the top choices include the Schlachte Embankment, the Bürgerpark, and the Viertel district.

Q2. Are there any cultural attractions near the University of Bremen that students can explore?

Ans. Yes, students at the University of Bremen have a range of cultural attractions nearby. The Überseemuseum, and the Universum Science Center are only some of them.

Q3. What dining options are available in the vicinity of the University of Bremen for students looking to grab a meal with friends?

Ans. There is a diverse range of dining options near the University of Bremen. The Viertel district is known for its eclectic eateries, offering a variety of international cuisines.

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