Top Hangout Spots near Tallinn University, Estonia: A Guide

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hangout spots near tallinn university

Tallinn photographs always depict a medieval walled city with ethereal spires and fairy-tale turrets topped with conical red roofs, as they should. Tallinn is a gorgeous city, and not just that; the Skype communication app was developed here. Tallinn is also a key information technology centre today. It has a vibrant cultural scene, a modern ambience, and a sustainable mentality. With its all-year-round attractiveness, it’s simple to see why Estonia’s capital is popular with business and leisure travellers or students. So, if you’re planning to study or are already a student, this blog is a guide on all the top hangout spots near Tallinn University to help you plan your day better.


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About Tallinn University

Tallinn University is a modern and vibrant research institution in Estonia that is a leader in fostering an intelligent lifestyle via education, research, and interdisciplinary engagement. They define an intelligent lifestyle as making research-based decisions to promote society and its citizens’ well-being.

Tallinn University has over 7000 students, with 11% of them being international students from all over the world. Every 13th academic is from another country. dynamic international cooperation, well-known guest lecturers, and English Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral courses all contribute to the development of a dynamic multicultural university community.

TLU is well-known for its forward-thinking approach to teaching and research. The university promotes critical thinking, creativity, and the development of practical skills. It places a premium on interdisciplinary study, cooperation, and engagement with societal issues, promoting a forward-thinking learning environment.

TLU provides a variety of student services and support mechanisms to guarantee a successful academic experience. Academic advising, counselling, career counselling, library resources, and student organisations are among the services provided.

Finally, studying at Tallinn University provides a unique combination of academic brilliance, a multicultural environment, new learning methods, and access to Estonia’s digital society. It can offer a one-of-a-kind and stimulating educational experience that will prepare you for future success.

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Top Hangout Spots Near Tallinn University

Now that you have a brief overview of the university and its programs, here are some of the top hangout spots near Tallinn University to help you plan your free time better.

Viru Gates (Old Town)

Source: The Wanders

Viru Gates, one of the top sites to see in Tallinn, marks the entrance to the city’s magnificent Old Town. Since the 14th century, when they were Tallinn’s major defence system, these gates have stood strong throughout the city. The gate towers still stand today, and the area around Viru Gate is filled with quaint market stalls offering anything from woollen gloves to roasted nuts. 

Address: Viru tänav, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 645 7777

Jagala Waterfall

Jagala Waterfall Hangout spot near Tallinn University
Source: Viator

Tallinn’s surroundings are worth exploring, thanks to attractions such as the Jagala Waterfall. It’s Estonia’s highest natural waterfall, and it’s about a half-hour drive from the capital. There is plenty of nature to admire on the way there. Visit during the autumn season, when the trees are a crisp golden brown. It’s extremely beautiful in the winter when the waterfall frequently freezes and appears incredibly grand. 

Address: Kubja tee, Jägala-Joa, 74212 Harju maakond, Estonia

Total height: 8 m (26 ft)

Estonian Maritime Museum

Source: Trip Advisor

Estonia has a rich marine history, which should come as no surprise given the country’s more than 2,300 islands. With exhibits like the Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour, where you can go inside Submarine EML Lembit before discovering hundreds of artefacts displayed around the museum, the Estonian Maritime Museum transports you back in time. 

Address: Vesilennuki 1, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

Opened: 1935

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St. Olaf’s Church 

Source: Visit Estonia

Once upon a time, from 1549 to 1625, this Gothic church was the tallest structure in the world. Even today, its smaller, 124-meter spire dwarfs most of Tallinn’s structures and serves as a key emblem of the city. From May to October, visitors can make the strenuous journey to the top of the tower’s stone part for spectacular and dizzying views over Old Town, Toompea Hill, and the port area.

Address: Lai 50, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 641 2241

Height: 124 m

Opened for Public: 1450

PROTO Invention Factory

PROTO hangout spots near Tallinn University
Source: Noblessner

PROTO Invention Factory combines virtual reality, science, and the fantasy world. The family-friendly centre is both amusing and educational: owing to the hands-on exhibits, you can investigate physics and technology from a whole different perspective and try things you might not dare to try in real life!

Address: Peetri 10, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 627 6661

Kadriorg Palace and Park

Source: Veltra

Kadriorg Palace, one of Europe’s best specimens of Baroque architecture, was erected in 1718. It now houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, which houses a collection of national and international art artefacts from the 16th to the 20th centuries. After you’ve finished at the Palace, proceed to Kadriorg Park. It has beautiful strolling trails with fountains as well as a must-see Japanese Garden with bright flora among the stone arches. 

Located in: Kadriorg Park

Address: A. Weizenbergi 37, 10127 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 606 6400

Architects: Nicola Michetti, Mikhail Zemtsov, Gaetano Chiaveri

Construction started: 1718

Opened for Public: 1725

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St Catherine’s Monastery

Source: Visit Estonia

This is Tallinn’s oldest structure. The Dominican Order of Monks arrived in Tallinn in 1246 and settled in St. Catherine’s Monastery. The building is still standing today and is the city’s oldest structure. Private tours, programmes, galleries, and other activities are available. 

Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum

Source: Tallinna Linnamuuseum

The Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum may keep you busy for almost an entire day. Four mediaeval city wall towers, underground bastion corridors, and the Carved Stone Museum are all part of the complex. The museum’s permanent exhibition explains the history of Tallinn and its defences. In addition, each tower hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions and events on a regular basis.

Address: Komandandi tee 2, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 644 6686

Lahemaa National Park

Source: Visit Tallinn

The Lahemaa National Park is a bit of a trip from Tallinn, but it is well worth seeing while in the city. The park was established to conserve Estonian culture as portrayed through nature. Lahemaa National Park is significant throughout Europe since it is the site of a large European bird congress. If you are able to visit this park, you will be astounded by the preservation of nature.

Address: Estonia

Area: 747 km²

Established: 1 July 1971

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Pirita Beach

Source: Visit Tallinn

Pirita Beach is without a doubt Tallinn’s longest, largest, and most popular beach. On a nice day, spend the day at the beach with the residents, who come here to rest, play, and swim. Jump into the clean, refreshing Baltic Sea and count the cruise ships that come and go from Tallinn. The 2km-long Pirita beach provides one of the nicest views of the Old Town and all you could want for a relaxing day at the beach.

The beach has been awarded The Blue Flag eco-label, which signifies that it provides environmentally beneficial and instructive activities in addition to clean water and required communications.


These Hangout spots near Tallinn University offers more than enough attraction to keep you entertained for several days. Whether you’re visiting for a day, staying for a few days or longer, or planning to study at Tallinn University; Estonia’s capital will entice you with its historic and gorgeous buildings and keep you hooked with friendly residents and a strong community atmosphere. Tallinn boasts some of the best sites to visit in Estonia, from bohemian neighbourhoods to historic landmarks, and it turns on the charm for both visitors and locals. 

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Q.1. Does Tallinn have nightlife?

Ans: It’s as eclectic as the city itself. Dance till dawn in a club, unwind with a cocktail in hand, or sample the greatest locally brewed beers. Tallinn’s main nightlife areas include Old Town and its surrounds, Telliskivi, and Noblessner.

Q.2. What is the trendy area of Tallinn?

Ans: Tallinn’s Kalamaja neighbourhood is noted for its hipster people, colourful clapboard houses, bohemian vibe, and fantastic food scene. It’s only a 10-minute walk from Old Town (even at midnight! ), but it feels like another world.

Q.3. What is the best area of Tallinn?

Ans: The best districts of Tallinn are:
– Toompea (Old Town)
– All-Linn (Old Town)
– Kalamaja, and
– Kadriorg

This was all about the top hangout spots near Tallinn University. If you wish to have more information on universities in Estonia or student life abroad,  Follow Leverage Edu for more interesting content on study abroad.

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