Top Hangout Spots Near University of Paris

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Top Hangout Spots near University of Paris

Paris, the capital of France, is known for its culture, art, design, history, and beauty. Paris has many attractive destinations that a student can explore. The famous Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa painting and the yummiest croissants are all available in Paris. It is ranked as the world’s 2nd most visited city and has approximately 19 million visitors each year. Paris is popularly known as the City of Light or “La Ville Lumière”. There are plenty of hangout spots in the city. Keep reading to know more about the top Hangout places near the University of Paris.


About Université Paris Sciences Et Lettres

The Université Paris Sciences et Lettres is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. The University was established in the year 2010. Previously, (in the early 2000s) the government of France has taken the step to introduce world-class educational institutions in France. Therefore, the government enacted the French law on research in 2006. This has resulted in the creation of educational research institutions such as  Paris Universitas, PRES ParisTech, and an early version of the PSL project. The new organization has combined 5 institutions like  Chimie ParisTech, and Collège de  France to form the PSL university. Today, the university has 10 research associate members and several partner universities. The university is known for offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs.

Top Hangout Spots Near University of Paris 

Université Paris Sciences et Lettres is known for academic excellence. As per the QS World Ranking, the university is ranked 24. However, college life is not just about academics. Students want to check out some of the top hangout spots near the University of Paris. Hence, we have provided a list of the best hangout spots in Paris. 

Eiffel Tower

Opening Hours9 am to midnight (Mid-June to Sep), and 9:30 am to 11 pm (rest of the year)
Ticket Price€62 (second floor) and €75 (3rd floor)

One of the most popular hangout spots near University of Paris is the Eiffel Tower, In fact, it is the most visited monument in the city. The monument was built by Gustave Eiffel to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower is a great place to visit for international students. The second floor of the building offers the best view and the 3rd floor shows the office of Gustave Effiel. Those who want an adventure can use the stairs to climb 1,665 steps to the summit. The tower gives a magnificent view of the city.

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Louvre Museum

Opening Hours 9am–9:45 pm
Louvre Museum Ticket Price17€ for adults, and free for children

The Louvre Museum is one of the top hangout spots near University of Paris.  It is also the most visited gallery in the world. The museum has the world’s most extensive art gallery with approximately 38,000 pieces of art. It also contains the world’s most popular painting, the Mona Lisa. The museum was built in the 12th century by Philip II as a fortress, the remains of which can be found in the basement of the museum. The collections are divided into 8 departments including: Egyptian antiquities, and Greek, Etruscan, and Roman.

The Latin Quarter – Luxembourg Park

Credit: Tripadvisor
Opening Hours7 am to 1 hour before sunset (summer), and from 8 am to 1 hour before sunset ( winter)
Ticket PriceFree

The Latin Quarter-Luxembourg Park is situated on the left bank of the Seine, around Sorbonne. It is one of the top hangout spots near the University of Paris. Luxembourg Park is known for its student life, bistros, and atmosphere. The private garden was created at the request of Marie de Medicis to accompany the Luxembourg Palace. It is also known as “Luco’ by the Parisians. It is a pleasant place to walk around for the visitors. The park has several varieties of apples, an orchard,  an apiary, and a greenhouse of orchid collections. Moreover, there are 106 statues, a bronze Statue of Liberty, and beautiful fountains.

Cruise on the Seine

Opening HoursVaries. Generally, starts at 10:15 am
Ticket PriceVaries from €85 to €115

The best way to explore the city of light is by enjoying a cruise on the Seine. The best time for fun is at night as the monuments are lit. Students can get a panoramic view of the city. It includes the Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III, Notre Dame, and more. A dinner cruise, dinner show, brunch with a view of Paris, and champagne cruise in Paris, are all available depending on the cruise package you select.  Hence, it is one of the top hangout spots near the University of Paris.

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Moulin Rouge

Opening Hours9 pm to 11 pm
Ticket PriceVaries from €135 to €209

The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret popularly known as the spiritual birthplace of the French Cancan. The Moulin Rouge was built by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. At first, it was introduced as a courtship dance but now the cabaret has been drawing crowds for the songs performed by talented dancers dressed in unique costumes. Although there are two shows for the full experience it is best to opt for the dinner package. The VIP tickets would include special seat access, champagne, chocolates/macarons, and a coat check ticket.

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Where to sit at night in Paris?

Saint Germain and the Latin Quarter is a perfect location for those who want to spend a relaxed night in the city over a couple of drinks. The neighbourhood is popular for having the best restaurants, pubs, and bars.

What is the prettiest area in Paris?

Some of the prettiest neighbourhoods in Paris are the What is the prettiest area in Paris, and the Latin Quarter, 5th And 6th Arrondissements.

Does Paris have a nightlife?

Yes. Paris has a nightlife. Plenty of clubs, pubs, theatres, and music venues can be found in the city. Some of the popular nightclubs are Bastille and the Marais.

The top hangout places near the University of Paris include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Luxembourg Park. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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