TOEFL Daily Writing Topic: You are going into the wilderness for two weeks.

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TOEFL Daily Writing Topic: You are going into the wilderness for two weeks.

Q. You are going into the wilderness for two weeks. Which three objects would you bring with you?

Matches, A pocket knife, A hat, Sunglasses, Poncho (rain suit), 1/2 pound of dried meat, A compass, a shovel, and 2 litres of water

Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans. Starting a journey for two weeks in the wilderness requires careful consideration of the essential items. Amongst the items provided, I would choose a compass, a shovel and 2 litres of water as they are the most crucial for survival.


A compass will help in navigate tough paths and no matter where I am, it will keep me safe and make me reach my destination. In the wilderness where landmarks are scarce, it reduces the risk of getting lost and provides a reliable means of direction. In addition to this, shovels serve multiple purposes. It can be used to dig pits for fire, bury food waste and create a shelter. It will also act as a defensive tool for all of the wild animals.

Apart from that, water is the most essential element as the human body can survive without food for weeks, but it can only survive a few days without water. I can indeed find various water sources during my days in the wilderness, but whether the water will be safe to drink is always a question. Most of the time the water present there is full of parasites or bacteria, therefore bringing at least a 2-litre water buffer can be a huge help. Thus, I will have access to a  safe water source and discover the method for its purification. 

Even though a matchbox, pocket knife, poncho and dried meat are also very useful, they are not as critical as the compass, shovel and water.

While matches are easily replaceable by learning primitive techniques to light a fire, a pocket knife is less versatile than a shovel and a hat and sunglasses are more for comfort rather than giving an actual help. A poncho is useful if the weather is rainy but a shelter offers the same benefit. Lastly, dried meat is a good source of protein, but one can also find food in the wilderness by opting for hunting. 
In conclusion, while going into wilderness the priority should be given to things that directly contribute to survival. That is why a compass, a shovel and water are the most critical items. These items provide a means of direction, a versatile item, and the most essential item for survival which is water.

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