TOEFL Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on sociology.

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Your professor is teaching a class on sociology

Q- Your professor is teaching a class on sociology. Write a post responding to the professor’s question. 

In your response, you should do the following: 

  1. Express and support your opinion. 
  2. Make a contribution to the discussion in your own words. 

An effective response will contain at least 100 words. 

“Let’s think about population trends in urban and rural areas. Living in urban areas can be expensive; nonetheless, when they have a choice of where to live, people in some countries do not wish to live in rural areas even if the cost of living there is lower. If governments of some countries want to attract more people to live in rural areas or villages, what is the best strategy or approach that governments can use? Why? 

Claire: I would live in a rural area if the government gave more financial support to farmers. Although it may cost very little to live in a rural area, it costs a lot to begin a career in agriculture. If I had financial help, I would start my own farm and be happy to live in a rural area. 

Kelly: In my country, urban centers are great places to live because you can access shops, museums and restaurants. If the government of my country wanted to attract me to live in a rural area, the area would have to attract more businesses focused on entertainment and culture than most rural areas now. 

Ans: I feel that the primary reasons people prefer to live in cities rather than rural places are for opulence, comfort, and convenience. People choose to live in urban areas since they are far more developed than rural ones, especially in developing countries like India. The best approach for governments to entice people to live in rural areas is to provide them with something to strive for. That being said, if politicians and governments work together to make the country’s rural sections as developed as their metropolitan counterparts, people will naturally flock to such locations. For example, the foremost step that governments can make is to improve the infrastructure of the country’s rural areas. This can be achieved by progressively improving the architecture, education, medical facilities, and public transportation which would eventually lure them to live there.

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