TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on sociology.

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TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on sociology.

Brainstorming Ideas

a) Apart from recycling and waste management, conserving water is also one of the effective measures that can be taken to positively impact the environment.

b) In addition to this by reducing greenhouse emissions, using renewable sources of energy, having a sustainable means of transportation and using environmentally friendly materials, one can also affect the environment positively.

c) Recycling and waste management are essential but adopting a more sustainable lifestyle in various aspects of one’s daily life makes a significant contribution to preserving the environment. 

Q. Your professor is teaching a class on sociology. Write a post responding to the professor’s question.

In your response, you should do the following:

  1. Express and support your opinion. 
  2. Make a contribution to the discussion in your own words.

An effective response will contain at least 100 words.

” Recycling and waste management play a significant role in achieving a cleaner planet, but there are more actions individuals can take. Encouraging environmental responsibility is pivotal in fostering a better world. As we discuss the importance of individual contributions to the environment, what additional steps (beyond waste management) do you believe individuals can take to impact the environment positively?”

Andrew: Refraining from using plastic bags while shopping and boycotting environmentally unfriendly products like disposable plastics saves time and energy by eliminating the need for recycling. This approach allows for more focus on other impactful eco-friendly measures. It conserves resources and encourages the adoption of sustainable alternatives, contributing to a greener and more efficient lifestyle.

Claire: Planting trees effectively cleanse the air by absorbing pollutants, promoting cleaner air, and supporting afforestation and reforestation initiatives, which aid in reducing pollution. These actions offer tangible benefits, purifying the environment. Prioritizing measures to eliminate emitted pollutants directly impacts and improves air quality, showcasing individuals’ immediate and crucial role in environmental conservation.

Ans: Apart from recycling and waste management, there are many other measures one can take that will positively impact the environment. One of them is water conservation. This can be achieved by fixing water leakages at home and using water-efficient appliances. In addition to this, reducing energy consumption can significantly bring down greenhouse gas emissions. This can be done by becoming less dependent on air conditioners and heaters and using renewable sources of energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, etc. Moreover, using sustainable means of transportation such as walking, biking, carpooling, or using public transport can also greatly reduce carbon footprints. Along with these measures, people also need to be conscious consumers, choosing products that do not use plastics or require less packaging and are environmentally friendly. To conclude, while recycling and waste management are essential, adopting a more sustainable lifestyle in various aspects of one’s daily life can make a significant contribution to preserving the environment.

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