TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- The professor is teaching a class on business.

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TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- The professor is teaching a class on business.

Brainstorming Ideas

Refer to the following brainstorming ideas to get a solid understanding of the answer.


Reasons for choosing to start my own business:

  • It will provide me with the potential for personal growth.
  • Offers a sense of ownership and control over decisions.
  • It also offers opportunities for financial success, flexible work hours, and the satisfaction of creating jobs.
  • Fosters creativity and innovation. 

Q. The professor is teaching a class on business. Respond to the post with the professor’s question in it and the posts by two other students.  

In your response, you should do the following:

  • Express and support your personal opinion
  • Contribute to the discussion in your own words

An effective response will contain at least 100 words.

” As I briefly mentioned in class last week, starting a small business involves both risks and rewards. So, let’s explore this topic a little more. Before we meet again next week, I would like to have your responses to this question: If you were offered a position with a large company and also an opportunity to start your own business, which would you choose to do? Why?”

Jack: I would prefer employment in a large company because it would provide a regular salary and benefits like health insurance and retirement options. And I would have more regular hours. Starting a business would be more than I would want to take on, especially at this stage of my career.

Emily: I’ve always been more of a risk-taker, so the idea of starting a business appeals to me. Once the business was off the ground, it would offer more potential for a higher income as well. I’m not afraid to work hard and I like to be able to make my own decisions, which I would be able to do as an owner.

Ans. Given the choice between a position in a large company and starting my own business, I would lean towards starting my own business. The main reason for the same is the potential for personal growth and the opportunity to bring my unique version to life. Starting a business allows creativity and innovation, offering a platform to introduce new ideas and solutions. It provides a sense of ownership and control over decisions, which can be fulfilling. Despite the risks involved, such as financial instability and high stress, the rewards can be substantial.

These include potential financial success, flexible work hours, and the satisfaction of creating jobs. Even though working for a large company offers stability, a steady income, and less personal risk, it may not provide the same level of personal satisfaction and potential for innovation. In conclusion, while both paths have their merits, the opportunity to shape my own future and make a difference in the market is a compelling reason to choose entrepreneurship. 

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