TOEFL Daily Writing Topic: Which of the following will attract more tourists to a city?

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TOEFL Daily Writing Topic: Which of the following will attract more tourists to a city?

a) A mega-entertainment centre such as Disneyworld. 

b) An abundance of trails and paved paths for bikers, runners, and walkers.

c) Huge shopping complexes offering discounts on 100’s of items.

Brainstorming Ideas

  • I think a mega entertainment centre like Disneyworld would help in increasing tourism as it has both thrilling rides as well as fairytale castles that keep adults and children intrigued.
  • Plus Disney is a globally recognised brand, which makes it a must-visit attraction site.
  • Mega entertainment centres help improve the local economy by creating job opportunities and encouraging the development of hotels,  restaurants and transport services.
  • While trails and paths are best fit for outdoor activities, they do not have a major impact on tourism.
brainstorming ideas toefl writing

Q. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans. Tourism is a multifaceted industry and what attracts tourists to a city varies according to individual preferences. However, in my opinion, a mega entertainment centre like Disneyworld would attract more tourists to a city. 

Firstly, a mega entertainment centre like Disneyworld offers a wide array of attractions that cater to a diverse range of audiences. They have thrilling rides for adventure seekers as well as enchanting fairytale castles for young children. These centres provide something for everyone. For example, Disneyworld in Orlando attracted over 20 million visitors in 2019, showcasing its broad appeal amongst people of every age group. Secondly, these centres are globally recognised, which draws tourists from all over the world. The Disney brand, for example, is known worldwide, and its parks are often considered as must-visit attractions. The global recognition of the centres attracts tourists from around the world, thereby significantly boosting the tourism industry of the city.

Lastly, mega entertainment centres also improve the local economy as they help create various job opportunities for people and encourage the development of related industries such as hotels, restaurants and transport services. As a result, cities become more attractive to both tourists as well as their residents. While trails and paths are best fit for outdoor activities and shopping complexes have their own unique attractions, they do not have the same wide-range appeal or economic impact as mega entertainment centres. This is because trails and paths are the main attractions of fitness enthusiasts or people who carry an appreciation for nature and shopping complexes are mainly for those who are into the retail market.

To conclude, while each of the three options has its benefits, a mega entertainment centre like Disneyland is more likely to contribute to an increase in tourist influx in a city owing to its diverse attractions, global brand recognition, and economic advantages.

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