TOEFL Daily Writing Topic: When you face an issue in life, what do you think is the best decision?

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TOEFL Daily Writing Topic: When you face an issue in life, what do you think is the best decision?

Brainstorming Ideas

Refer to the following brainstorming ideas to get a solid understanding of the answer.


Reasons for choosing an experienced person for advice:

  • They have knowledge and their advice can help us avoid mistakes in life.
  • Can provide a different perspective on our problems.
  • Can provide emotional support and encouragement. 

Q. When you face an issue in life, what do you think is the best decision: ask an experienced person for advice, find possible solutions from the internet, or take time to think about the issue.

Ans. Life is indeed a journey filled with challenges and problems. How we approach these issues often defines our success and growth. The question of whether to seek advice from an experienced person, find solutions on the internet, or take time to reflect on the issue is not a one-size-fits-all answer. However, I believe seeking advice from an experienced person is the most effective strategy for several reasons.

Firstly, experienced individuals have a wealth of knowledge that comes from years of dealing with diverse situations. Their advice is often grounded in reality and can help us avoid common mistakes. For instance, a student seeking career advice can greatly benefit from the guidance of a professional in their field of interest. The professional’s experiences can shed light on the realities of the job, the skills required, and the potential challenges one might face.

Secondly, experienced individuals can provide a different perspective on our problems. They can help us see the different aspects of the situation that we might have overlooked. This broader perspective leads to more effective solutions. For example, in a situation of conflict, an experienced mediator can help the parties involved see the other’s point of view, leading to a more amicable resolution. 

Lastly, experienced individuals can provide emotional support and encouragement. Knowing that someone else has successfully navigated a similar situation can give us the confidence to face our own challenges. Their reassurance can motivate us to persevere and overcome obstacles. For example, when I was struggling with a major career decision, I turned to a mentor who had faced a similar crossroads in their own professional journey. The guidance I received not only provided me with valuable insights and advice but also gave me the emotional strength to trust my instincts and move forward with confidence, ultimately playing a pivotal role in my successful transition to a new career path.

In conclusion, seeking advice from an experienced person can be a wise decision when facing issues in life. Their knowledge, perspective, and emotional support can guide us towards effective solutions and personal growth.

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