Who Conducts the GRE Exam?

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Who Conducts the GRE Exam?

The ETS (Educational Testing Service) conducts the GRE in different modes for students. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is a crucial part of the admissions process for many graduate and business schools around the world. It is a widely recognized and accepted test that assesses a candidate’s readiness for graduate and professional-level academic work. 


However, many of you must have wondered who conducts the GRE exam and how it is managed. In this blog, we will delve into the organization responsible for conducting and managing the GRE, and its history.

Name of the TestGRE
Full Form Graduate Record Examinations 
Conducted byEducational Testing Service
ModeOnline (computer-based) Offline  (paper-based) 

Who Conducts the GRE Exam?

The GRE exam is administered and managed by the Educational Testing Service, commonly known as ETS. S. ETS is a nonprofit organization that has been a major player in the field of educational assessment since its establishment in 1947. 

Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, ETS has played a pivotal role in developing and administering standardized tests used for educational and professional purposes.

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Significance of GRE Exams

The GRE exam is considered significant for several reasons:

Standardized Comparison: The GRE provides a standardized way for graduate admissions committees to compare applicants from diverse academic backgrounds. It helps institutions evaluate candidates on a level playing field.

Scholarship Opportunities: Some universities and institutions offer scholarships and financial aid based on GRE scores. Achieving high GRE scores can enhance your eligibility for such financial incentives, which can significantly reduce the cost of your graduate education. 

Global Recognition: The GRE is recognized internationally, making it a valuable tool for students considering studying abroad or pursuing graduate studies in countries other than their own.

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Who conducts GRE exam in India?

In India, GRE is administered and conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

What is the fullform of GRE?

The fullform of GRE is the Graduate Record Examination .

Who conducts GRE and TEFL exam?

Both the standardised tests, GRE and TOEFL are administered and conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service).

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