TOEFL Writing Topic: Completing writing projects is more beneficial for students than taking multiple-choice exams.

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Completing writing projects is more beneficial for students than taking multiple-choice exams.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Completing writing projects is more beneficial for students than taking multiple-choice exams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans: Over time, we have observed the emergence and global implementation of MCQ-based tests in educational systems all over the world. However, I vehemently believe that students benefit more from completing writing projects or assignments than from taking multiple-choice /objective-based tests. 


There was a time when writing projects or subjective-based tests were common, but as the world’s pace changed, education systems began to implement exam formats that were more practical and hassle-free for students. Sure, MCQ examinations are more convenient for students, but subjective-based exams, in my opinion, are more successful at assessing a student’s aptitude and cognitive prowess. Such tests require students to use their analytical and creative abilities to the utmost.  Students must demonstrate their problem-solving and analytical skills while attempting writing assignments or subjective-based exams by researching, analysing data, and conveying that information in a comprehensible and cogent manner. MCQ examinations are certainly scoring, but they lack the ability to arbitrate a student’s potential to the best of their ability. There are situations when a student may perform well on MCQ examinations purely by fluke, but this is not the case with subjective-based exams. 

Moreover, mentors or teachers might use a student’s writing project to assess his or her comprehension of the subject matter and provide a detailed analysis of their shortcomings and capabilities. Such detailed feedback might help students break free from their shackles and discern the areas where they are lacking. On the contrary, MCQ-based tests do not allow for personal feedback or analysis of answers, which closes the windows for students to grow. In other words, students who take MCQ-based tests are frequently unaware of the areas in which they fall short or need to improve. 

Finally, writing projects require students to convey their thoughts and ideas with efficacy and conviction in a way that is comprehensible to the readers. This will enable them to hone their communication and writing skills by participating in writing projects. As a result, one can witness betterment in his writing and communication skills. MCQ-based tests, on the other hand, are brief and to the point, thus sabotaging the possibility to improve in this area.

To sum up, no matter how easy or prevalent multiple-choice tests are these days, writing projects will always outperform them in terms of efficiency in arbitrating students’ potential with greater accuracy. Writing projects, unlike MCQ-based assessments, do not impede one’s ability to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter. As a result, I believe that educational systems around the world should reinstate the format of writing projects and subject-based exams in their curricula for the general growth of students. 

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