Tips For Reordering Paragraphs in the PTE Exam

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Tips For Reordering Paragraphs in the PTE Exam

Tips for Reordering Paragraphs in the PTE Exam: Pearson PLC administers the Pearson Test of English (PTE), a globally renowned English language proficiency test. Many universities and institutions recognize PTE Academic and even certain countries for immigration purposes. The PTE Academic assesses the candidate’s fundamental ability to comprehend English.

Students preparing for the PTE exam must work on reordering paragraphs. Such questions often pose a major challenge for students, especially in the PTE Reading Section. Even though such questions are not particularly challenging, there is a lot of effort and devotion put into the preparation. In this article, we have shared certain tips and tricks to help you ace the ‘Reordering Paragraph’ questions.

Exam namePearson Test of English Academic
Short namePTE 
Conducting BodyPearson PLC
Application modeOnline
Exam modeOnline
Duration of exams2 hours 15 minutes

Understanding the Task – Reorder Paragraphs in PTE

In order to have good English language skills, one must be able to understand how different parts of a text fit together. It is important for a large text to convey a clear message. Each sentence and paragraph plays a crucial role. Each complements the other and together conveys the text’s meaning. PTE Reading’s Reorder Paragraph questions are essentially testing this ability.

In this section, a text will have paragraphs or sentences arranged in the wrong order. The paragraphs must be dragged and dropped into the correct place. Here are some tips to reorder your paragraphs in the PTE exam.  

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5 Tips for Reordering Paragraphs in the PTE Exam

To help you reorder paragraph questions, here are some tips and tricks which we trust will come in handy while attempting the PTE exam:

Find the Independent Clause

When you have identified the paragraph that will be in the first position, the rest will be easy for you. Try asking yourself, “Which sentence does not depend on any other sentence to convey its meaning?” That will be your leading sentence.

Analyze Noun-Pronoun Relationships

You can identify relationships between paragraphs using grammar clues. For instance, if the second paragraph contains the term “He”, you might ask yourself, “Who is this “He”?”. Identify the sentence containing this noun that tells us about this person.

Find Connecting Words

The use of words such as however, therefore, and because indicates some connection between the sentence before them and the sentence after. It is rare for a sentence to begin with one of these words. If you encounter such a word, find a sentence that completes the relationship indicated by the connecting word. Using the word “However” indicates an exception, using the word “Because” indicates a reason, etc.

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Identify Logical Connections

In a text, successive paragraphs should enhance the meaning of the paragraphs preceding them. For example, if paragraph A discusses a concept in general, paragraph B could provide more details about it in a particular year, and paragraph C might provide an example. The paragraphs should be ordered based on such relationships. It is obvious that the definition would come before the example!

Make Note of How Paragraphs are Connected

When you read, start noticing how paragraphs relate to one another. Reordering paragraphs is at the core of this type of question. Become familiar with the transitions between paragraphs. 


What is the fee for the PTE exam?

The fee for taking the PTE exam is INR 15,900.

What is the duration of the PTE exam?

The total duration of the PTE exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

What is included in the reading section of the PTE exam?

The PTE exam’s reading section consists of various questions such as re-ordering paragraphs, fill in the blanks, multiple choice single answer, and multiple choice multiple answers.

We hope the above details help the students to get the result they desire. English language certifications are instrumental in securing admission to leading universities with high scores increasing your chances of admission. In this blog, we have discussed some tips for the paragraph reordering section of the PTE exam. We hope candidates can use the tips discussed in this blog to ace the PTE examination.

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