Importance of English Grammar for PTE Exam

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Importance of English Grammar for PTE Exam

English grammar is a crucial part of the English language. The ability to correctly use grammatical rules is important for both reading and writing. It helps you to understand what you are reading and helps you avoid making mistakes. It is particularly important for the PTE exam because it is one of the areas that you will be tested on. The Pearson Test of English is recognized by many countries and is accepted by major universities. Candidates who are planning to study or work abroad can appear for this examination. 


Let us discuss the importance of grammar in the PTE exam.

Name of the exam Pearson Test of English
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Purpose of examEnglish proficiency test
Fees of examINR 15,900

Why is Grammar Important for the PTE exam?

The PTE exam is a standardized English Language exam which assesses your English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. These sections will test your grammar skills in the form of oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and written discourse.

Grammar is important because the students will study or work in an English-speaking country. They will be required to converse daily in the English language only. Therefore grammar is important for a PTE examination.   

Grammar plays a very important role in the questions which will be asked in the PTE exam. Questions such as summarising written tests, essays, reading blanks, reading and writing blanks, reorders, summarising spoken text and writing from dictation. 

Candidates who are appearing for the test should be well-familiarized with grammatical features such as: whether a word is a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and so on. This can be achieved by solving mock and sample question papers. Through this, the students will get a clear idea about grammar. 

How To Improve English Grammar for PTE

Candidates appearing for the PTE exam must be very good at English grammar. This cannot be done in just a week or a month, but practising it regularly will eventually show good results. The candidates will be required to converse in English during the exam, and also when they are present in a different country. Therefore, the students need to be up to the mark with the language. 

Tips to Ace your Grammar Skills:

Grammar can be quite a stressful subject for many people as it has many confusing and complicated rules. However, the usage of correct grammar is essential in school and can also work as a first impression for how people will judge your skillfulness and effectiveness in writing. Thus, it is useful to know some basic tips to improve your grammar, so let’s get started.

Watch English Movies/Shows

Since the candidates will be judged on their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills, English has to be on point. For this, the candidates should watch English movies, TV shows and web shows. By doing this, they will get to know how the people living abroad converse in English. It is advised that students should watch movies without subtitles and try to understand the dialect which is being used. It will also help the students to build confidence as it will improve their way of talking. It will give them a strong command over the language, and they will be aware of various jargon and idioms which are used in the language in the contemporary world. 

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Read Newspapers/English Novels

Candidates should read good English novels and newspapers as the students will get to know about some new words. Reading will expose you to words that you wouldn’t encounter in your everyday conversation. It is advised that whenever students see a new word, they should write it down somewhere and know the meaning of that word. This will help them in the essay writing section of the PTE exam. Using not-so-common words in the correct place will add more weight to the essay. Using different words in your conversation will also give you good marks. In short, reading will help the students to know about sentence formation as well. 

Communicate in English

Candidates appearing for the exam should develop a habit of conversing in English even at home with friends or family. Speaking English every day will eventually be fruitful for the students. It will also enhance the students’ flow and common knowledge of the language. They will also get to know the correct pronunciation of the language. Usually, a person whose mother tongue is not English tends to use fillers such as “umm” and “like” a lot. Using such fillers will not be appreciated in the PTE exam. Therefore conversing daily in the English language will boost the confidence of the student. 

In this blog, we have covered the importance of English grammar in a PTE exam. Candidates appearing for the examination can refer to this blog to improve their English grammar as it is the most important factor in a PTE exam. 


What are the different sections in a PTE exam?

The Pearson Test of English is an English language test which is given by students who are planning to study or work abroad. It contains sections such as speaking, writing, reading and listening.

How can I improve my grammar and vocabulary for the PTE exam?

Students appearing for the PTE exam should listen to English podcasts and watch good English movies and web shows. They can also read novels and converse in English in their daily life. We have also given some preparation tips and tricks which you can follow to improve your grammar and vocabulary skills. 

For how long is the PTE score valid?

The PTE score is valid for a period of 2 years. It is an English language test which is taken up by candidates who wish to study or work abroad. 

The English language certification is very important in securing admission to some leading universities. Many universities require a good score for you to be eligible for that course and university. Whatever the case may be, a high score will eventually lead you to a good university.  

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