Things to Consider for Your MBA Application Abroad

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Things to Consider for your MBA Application Abroad

One of the popular degrees abroad, an MBA or master’s in business management, is highly opted for by students across the globe. Numerous universities worldwide offer MBA programmes with excellence in education and precise curriculum. Thus an array of international students apply for MBA programmes in top organisations. However, not all of these applications are approved by universities abroad. There are numerous reasons for disapproving MBA applications, including not including recommendation letters if you are one of these students and want to pursue an MBA abroad. Then follow this blog to know more about things to consider for your MBA application abroad, top universities to pursue MBA abroad and much more!

Name of the ProgrammeMasters of Business Administration 
Level Postgraduate degree 
Examination Type Semester wise 
Eligibility Requirements You must have an undergraduate degree in business management or any other relevant subjects from an officially recognised institution
Average Fees 17.3 lakhs
Average Salary9 lakhs

Things to Consider for Your MBA Application Abroad

To help you in avoiding rejection of your MBA application at top universities abroad here are some of the important things to consider for your MBA application abroad. 

Being Multilingual

One of the major things that make your MBA application stand abroad, is being multilingual as admission officers at different universities believe that students who know more than one language are able to communicate more effectively. Thus you may consider adding this in your resume as an advantage. 

Undergraduate Major  

The undergraduate major accounts for only 2.4% of the MBA application’s weight. Since an MBA degree is available to candidates from a wide range of majors, it has no bearing on your application. There is a widespread misconception that a background in business is ideal for an MBA. On average, only about 27% of applicants to top MBA schools in the United States have a business or related major, according to the QS Top MBA website.

 International Experience 

International Experience If you have international work experience, now is the time to include it in your application. Even though international experience has no significant impact (only 3%), it may give you an advantage over other applicants and a chance to demonstrate your managerial abilities.

Industry Background

Your industry background demonstrates your experience with management in general, regardless of the industry in which you have worked. It has a 3.1% weight. 

Years of Work Experience 

Years of Work Experience The number of years of work experience on your application is only slightly significant (only 4.7%). Your administrative abilities make the biggest difference to seek after this degree.

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Extracurricular Activities  

Activities Outside of School Your involvement in activities outside of school is reflected in your extracurricular activities. It gives you a chance to pursue your passions and improves your leadership abilities.. Despite this, it only contributes 5.7 per cent of the application’s weight. Joy to introverts!

Recommendation Letters 

Letters of recommendation have a 7.6% weight. They demonstrate your overall academic and professional behaviour. Make sure to get letters of appreciation for your abilities and behaviour from teachers and employers you like and with whom you worked best.

 Undergraduate GPA

GPAs at the undergraduate level. Yes, you got it right the major topic of conversation in your family. It will now also include admissions officers. A high score will almost certainly bring you closer to admission, but a low score can have a negative impact on your application by 10.3%. Therefore, apply to moderate and safe schools as well as ambitious ones.

Admission Interviews

Get ready for this interview well. The admissions interviews make up 12.1% of your application. Do not miss out on this chance to impress the admissions committee. Use the frequently asked questions to practice your interviewing skills. When you look in the mirror, no one will judge you. The Top 20 MBA Interview Questions contain a list of questions you might be asked during an interview.


Essays play a significant role in getting you into the college or university of your dreams, accounting for a whopping 14.5% of your application. Try working on your writing and vocabulary. The Princeton Review has compiled a list of twenty must-have tips for MBA essays.

GMAT Scores-

GMAT scores are, obviously, the main piece of your MBA application. Gauging a previously mentioned 21.7%, it is a game changer, with regards to removing marks, to the schools that you would call protected, middle, and aggressive. It is suggested that you begin studying for this test as early as three months before the date of the test. a roadmap for the GMAT preparation process.

Top Universities for MBA Abroad 

There are an array of universities across the globe that offer MBA programmes with excellence in education as well as teaching. Some of the top universities for MBA abroad are as follows; 

Name of the UniversityWorld Subject-wise QS Rankings 2022 
Stanford Graduate School of Business1
Harvard Business School2
HEC Paris3
MIT (Sloan)4
Penn (Wharton)5
London Business School6
IE Business School7
UC Berkeley (Haas)8
Columbia Business School10

Career Prospects 

After completion of an MBA from a top university, you may pursue higher education like MPhil or PhD. some of the top job profiles offered are as follows; 

Salary Offered 

One of the major reasons for the popularity of an MBA programme or another major thing to consider for your MBA application abroad is lucrative salaries.  

Name of the CountrySalary Offered INR Conversions 
India INR 5.89 lakhs 
Australia AU$197,4671.08 Cr 
USA$81,80767.64 Lakhs 
UK£44,95744.99 Lakhs


1. What is required to apply for MBA abroad?

Ans. But there are a few requirements you need to meet before landing an MBA from abroad:
Work experience (school dependent)
Competitive GMAT Exam Score.
English language proficiency score i.e. TOEFL.
MBA essays (as required by business school)
Recommendation letters from previous academic institutions and places of work.

2. Does CGPA matter for MBA abroad?

Yes, CGPA is one of the areas on which you should focus your efforts. Universities in Germany require a 6.5–7 CGPA as a minimum requirement. We recommend that you take the GRE if you are unsure about your CGPA. Universities place a significant value on GRE results.

3. Which MBA is most demanding abroad?

Ans. MBA in finance, marketing, international business, information technology, & business analytics is some of the highest paid MBA specializations.

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