Study in US: Passport Holders Can Renew Their Visa in January 2024

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Study in US Passport Holders Can Renew Their Visa in January 2024 (1)

The USA has made a significant move that has greatly relieved Indian professionals. According to the State Department, starting in January of next year, Indian professionals and workers from 20,000 H 1B special firms would be permitted to extend their visas. Let us inform you that the White House launched a pilot program for the domestic renewal of certain types of H-1B visas during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit in June of this year.


Let us inform you that the State Department intends to introduce or maintain a number of initiatives to shorten the time travelers must wait to enter the country, including this pilot program for visa renewal. This will eliminate the need for H-1B holders to leave the country and wait an interminable amount of time to get an appointment at a US consular office before returning by enabling them to renew their visas by mail to the State Department.

These Will Feel A Great Sense of Relief

The idea must be proven to be effective before being extended to a wider population, Julie Stuft, deputy assistant secretary for consular affairs, stated to reporters on Monday. For those who reside here, this is a significant shift. They had to depart America earlier.

Some H-1B employees have found ways around the lengthy visa backlog by going to other nations with shorter backlogs in order to get appointments. Stuft claims that both India and the consular offices in those nations will benefit from the domestic renewal option.

Study in US Passport Holders Can Renew Their Visa in January 2024

Shorter Appointment Time For Visas

Compared to fiscal year 2022, the average wait time to obtain a visa appointment for travel to the US was reduced to 130 days last year. According to the State Department, a waiting period of around ninety days is appropriate.

1.4 Lakh Indian Pupils Were Granted Visas

The US State Department declared that between October 2022 and September 2023, about one hundred forty thousand student visas were issued by US embassies and consulates in India. According to information released by the department on Tuesday, foreign students attending American colleges and institutions can make up to $38 billion in economic contributions each year. Up till September 2023, more than six lakh student visas were granted, the most since FY 2017.

India Leads China

In the months of June through August of 2023, consular officials in India granted 95,269 visas in the F, M, and J categories. This is an increase of 18% over the same period in 2022. Data from the Open Doors Report indicates that, in terms of the number of overseas graduate students admitted to the US, India has surpassed China for the first time since 2009/10.

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