Study in USA: Harvard University Now to Use AI Tool for Grading Assignments

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Study in USA: Harvard University Now to Use AI Tool for Grading Assignments
Online Education Platform aiming to triple in value to $348 bn by 2030. Harvard University is integrating AI tools in its curriculum to use technology to grade assignments. 

An introduction to computer science course at Harvard University, known as CS50, integrated for the ChatGPT era. Professor David J. Malan, an eminent for his engaging teaching methods, is in charge of implementing artificial intelligence (Al) into the curriculum. 


He also aims to employ this technology to grade assignments and provide personalized learning advice. Numerous students attend CS50 on-campus, and more than 40,000 do so online.

Malan is credited with transforming dreary, introductory lectures on the fundamentals of web building and software programming. This was done in an enjoyable session consisting of interactive exercises. Malan acknowledged that engaging a varied student body with variable levels of knowledge. Also, expertise across several time zones is a problem.

Despite having more than a hundred teaching assistants, it has grown more difficult to offer specialized help to such a sizable and varied cohort.

Although the use of Al in education has enormous promise, issues about plagiarism and cheating have surfaced among educators. Some academic institutions have even gone so far as to outright prohibit the use of Al technology. Online education enterprises have also been harmed by the rise of Al. Especially with firms like Chegg Inc. citing a halt in membership growth as a result of Chat GPT. 

How Usage of AI can be Helpful?

The CS50’s acceptance of Al can raise the caliber and accessibility of online education, aligning with industry predictions made by Grand View Research, which project that the market for online education would triple in size to $348 billion by 2030.

Study in USA: Harvard University Now to Use AI Tool for Grading Assignments

CS50, which started as a single introductory course, has grown into a comprehensive programme with over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and branded swag like stress balls and t-shirts. Additionally over the years more than 4.7 million people have enrolled for this course and now it is available on digital platforms edX, a collaborative initiative by Harvard and MIT providing access to university level courses across diverse subjects. 

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