Study in US: Know These Major Changes in F1, EB-5 and H1-B Visas

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Study in US Know These Major Changes in F1, EB-5 and H1-B Visas

In 2023 significant changes were made to US visa regulations, affecting a number of visa categories, including student visas (F, M, and J), EB-5, and H-1B. The modifications are applicable to all Indian embassies. This is all the information regarding the new rule that you require.


H1B Visa Renewal Domestically

In 2023, the US launched a pilot program for the domestic renewal of a few different types of work visas. 

A limited deployment of the H-1B domestic visa renewal project was announced earlier this year by officials of the U.S. State Department, permitting 20,000 participants to renew their visas. Applicants are not allowed to travel outside of the United States while participating in this program, and they must mail their visas to the State Department.

Study in US Know These Major Changes in F1, EB-5 and H1-B Visas

Limitations On H-1B Applications

Stricter regulations were implemented by the US government in 2023 to address the overrepresentation of H-1B visa registrations. Employers are now required to submit the passport details of each registrant, as new regulations require a one-time registration for each employee.

The Application Process For A Digital Visa

The U.S. government introduced a cutting-edge online visa application system in 2023, which streamlined the procedure and reduced the amount of paperwork. With its digital platform, applicants may apply more efficiently, which is a huge gain.

Candidates For EB-5 Visas

Study in US Know These Major Changes in F1, EB-5 and H1-B Visas

USCIS updated the EB-5 visa guidelines in October 2023 to conform to the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022. The update makes it clear that an EB-5 investor can be reimbursed after two years as long as they continue to qualify for a green card in the United States if they create ten jobs.

Aside from that, this year’s EB-5 visa application processing speed was greatly increased by USCIS. 

Policy On Student Visas

Due to the increased expense of processing for American consular personnel, the United States has announced an increase in the costs for F, M, and J visas. Furthermore, consular officials now have more latitude in assessing student visa applications, giving consideration to the applicants’ current intentions rather than stringent residency criteria. 

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