Study in US: All You Need To Know About Recent F And M Student Visas Policy

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Study in US All You Need To Know About Recent F And M Student Visas Policy

The amended policy advice for F and M student visas has been released by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with the intention of smooth procedures and improving transparency. Its purpose is to make things clearer for businesses and students. Numerous regulations have been combined into one concise document.

“Existing policy is consolidated in this guidance. According to a USCIS statement, “We predict that this will offer much-needed clarity to foreign students and American educational institutions on a variety of topics, including eligibility requirements, school transfers, practical training, and on- and off-campus employment.”

Students With F And M Visa Must Have A Foreign Residence

Study in US All You Need To Know About Recent F And M Student Visas Policy

The guidance makes it clear, for instance, that F and M students must have a foreign residence that they intend to keep, even though they may still be able to prove their intention to leave after a brief stay if they are the recipients of an immigrant visa petition or permanent labor certification application.

The USCIS statement goes on to say, “A noncitizen may enter the United States as a full-time student at a college, university, seminary, conservatory, academic high school, elementary school, or other academic institution, or in a language training program, under the nonimmigrant academic student (F-1) classification. Students enrolled in approved nonacademic programs, such as language training programs, or in established vocational programs fall under the nonimmigrant vocational student (M-1) categorization.

New updates

Students on F and M visas must now continue to reside abroad without intending to leave their native country permanently. In addition, foreign students can apply to the US for green cards, which grant permanent residency. But after their brief visit, they have to show that they intend to go back to their native nation. The basic prerequisites for F and M visas, the protocols for school transfers, and the general employment regulations are all still in place.

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