Study in US: Seek Out AAUW International Fellowships this Women’s Day

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Study in US: Seek Out AAUW International Fellowships this Women’s Day

AAUW International Fellowship program is available to women pursuing full-time graduate or postdoctoral studies in the US. Permanent residents or citizens of the US are not eligible for the award. Only a limited number of scholarships are available to study outside the US (apart from the home country of the applicant) to women who are members of Graduate Women International. The AAUW International Fellowship funds both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited US institutions. However, to apply, a student must have already attained a degree equivalent to a US  bachelor’s degree and must have applied to study at their proposed institution. 

Applicants who demonstrate commitment to women and girls are taken into consideration. The beneficiaries are expected to return to their home countries to work professionally. Applications for the AAUW International Fellowships will open on August 1, 2024 The deadline for applications is on November 5, 2024. 

AAUW International Fellowships Eligibility Requirements

The International Fellowships are not open to anyone who has previously received an AAUW national fellowship or grant. To be eligible for the AAUW International Fellowships, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of a country other than the USA. Women who have a non-immigrant visa and reside in the US are also eligible.
  • Must hold an academic degree that is equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. The degree must be completed by the deadline of the application. 
  • Additionally, the applicant must intend to devote themselves to the proposed academic plan during the fellowship period and return to their home country to pursue a professional career after their studies.
  • The student must also meet the English language proficiency requirements. For example, clearing the English proficiency exams, transcripts from English-speaking institutions, or a written statement verifying English as the native language
  • Master’s/first professional degree and doctoral applicants must have already applied to an accredited institution of study and applied for the scholarship by the Master’s/first professional degree and doctoral applicants. Moreover, the name of the institution the applicant intends to study must be specified.
  • Although acceptance is not necessary, it is important to provide official confirmation from the institution with the award acceptance materials
Study in US: Seek Out AAUW International Fellowships this Women’s Day

AAUW International Fellowships Benefits 

The AAUW International Fellowships Benefits are as follows: 

  • Those wanting to pursue a doctoral degree can receive a fellowship of up to $25,000
  • Master’s/first professional degree students can receive an amount of $20,000
  • Similarly, the postdoctoral students can receive an amount up to $50,000

A selection panel meets every year to review the applications. The selection criteria include evaluating the applicant’s academic and professional qualifications, commitment to advancing women and girls in the home country, assessing the feasibility and quality of the proposed plan of study or research, considering financial needs, and reviewing the proposed schedule, among other factors.

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