Study in UK: Changes in Skilled Worker Visa, See How It Affects International Students

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Study in UK: Changes in Skilled Worker Visa See How It Affects International Students

The career plans of former international students with UK work visas have changed since the government raised the minimum salary required for workers to obtain a visa to remain in British territory. This step was made with the vision of lowering migration, which hit a record high in 2022.


According to VisaGuide.World, these visa holders can only apply for the skilled worker visa and stay in the UK if they are able to locate a sponsoring employer.

Minimum Wage For Skilled Worker Visa Has Increased

The minimum wage required to qualify for a skilled worker visa has increased to $48,367 from $33,348 due to recent measures implemented by the UK government. This is a 42.8 percent spike in salary.

More than thousands of overseas students in the nation who typically intend to stay and continue working there have been frightened by the revelation.

Further details of the move, which will take effect in the upcoming spring, will be disclosed in a few months.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, most UK graduates get between $30,547 and $34,365 in their first year of employment following graduation.

Study in UK: Changes in Skilled Worker Visa See How It Affects International Students

Over 1 lakh Visas Granted Under Graduate Scheme

For international students who wish to stay in the nation, this may not be sufficient income to qualify for a skilled worker visa. According to Home Office figures, over 1 lakh individuals were granted visas under the graduate scheme in 2023.

This may make it more challenging for overseas students to enter the nation through the graduate program, which is already not so popular with UK companies.

Early 2023, research from the Higher Education Policy Institute showed that only 3% of companies had used the method and that over half were unaware of it.

Moreover, the UK government has announced that the graduate route will be reviewed, with an emphasis on ways to avoid abusing visa benefits.

According to Home Office data, grants awarded to primary applicants on sponsored study visas increased by 23% by June 2023, reaching a total of around 500,000 awards. The majority of applicants—nearly one-third of all sponsored study grants—were Indians.

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