Study Abroad: Challenging Her Disability Kusters Becomes First Full-Time Deaf Professor in UK

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Study Abroad: Challenging Her Disability Kusters Becomes First Full-Time Deaf Professor in UK

Annelies Kusters is the first deaf scholar offered a full-time position at a UK university. She has expertise in the field of deaf studies as well as sign language studies. The lady has also studied deaf communities in the world for almost 20 years now. 


Annelies Kusters became a professor in Sociolinguistics in the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Subsequently, this promotion to a full-time role has become a historic moment for UK Academia. 

However, this position is not her only big achievement, she was also the research lead for MobileDeaf. Moreover, the European Research Council funds the MobileDeaf research program. 

This program explored interactions between deaf people from different geographies. It also emphasised how they adapt to one another’s signs to communicate. There are more adventures this 40-year-old scholar has had in the field of deaf studies that we have discussed below. 

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Annelies Kusters and Her Adventures in Deaf Studies 

Annelies Kusters humbly attributed her achievements to the deaf lecturers and colleagues in Bristol with whose help she learned and got inspired to pursue her research. On the contrary, her subjects of study are from around the world and not only centred in the UK

The basis of her research was to observe the behaviour and day-to-day lives of deaf people. Her work is based on studies gathered from various countries like Denmark, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, India, France, Italy and Suriname. 

She focused her PhD on the widely spread hereditary deafness in Ghana. Furthermore, the community she was studying had developed a local language to communicate. This ensures interaction between the deaf and people who can hear.

Her studies are also based on the Mumbai Locals in India. Here Annelies Kusters went on to study the communication patterns between deaf people who socialised in a train compartment. The reserved compartments for people with disabilities are turned into socialising spots where the deaf can meet their likes and share their lives in the bustling trains.  

Therefore, Annelies Kusters serves as an inspiration for all specially abled aspirants out there to make a dent in the universe with their efforts. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 


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