Study in US: How to Apply for US Study Visa Hasslefree

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Study in US: How to Apply for US Study Visa Hasselfree

Studying in the US is like the dream of every student in India. Several reports suggest that India outshined China by sending more students to the United States in 2022. Furthermore, sources suggest that more than 125,000 students went to the US last year. 


The American embassy expanded its hours for student visa appointments as hundreds of Indian students applied for their F-1 student visas. They declared that they are now open across all of India from mid-July to mid-August.

Study in US: How to Apply for US Study Visa Hasselfree

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going to the USA

The following are a few things you should get ready for before making the big move to the United States:

  • Documents 
  • Visa and the student’s insurance 

When it comes to visa, there are many types of visas:

F1 Visa: This visa is for all those who wish to go for academic studies.

J1 Visa: It is for practical training which will not happen in the home country. 

M1 Visa: This is for those who want to pursue vocational studies. 

  • University structure
  • Finances should be clear
  • Accommodation’
  • Employment

Students should also know about the credit system which is present. This allows the student to choose different subjects throughout their course. After each university, the student is awarded credits based on their performance. 

How Do Course Credits Work in the US

An ideal course is 30 credits each year. Whereas, most universities require 120-130 total credits for a bachelor’s degree and 30-64 total credits for a master’s degree to graduate.

To conclude more than 200,000 Indian students are enrolled at US academic institutions this year, the US Embassy reported, accounting for more than 20% of all current foreign students in the country.

Of all overseas students studying in the United States, Indian students make up about 21% of the total. Almost 200,000 Indian students were studying in the US during the 2021–2022 school year.

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