Study Abroad: Record Number of Indian Students to Study in USA

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Study Abroad: Record Number of Indian Students to Study in USA
2 Lakh Students studying in USA currently, Expected to Increase by 20% by 2025

3,500 Indian students applicants in a single day were interviewed on June 7. This was done by US Officials in the Embassy in New Delhi. Additionally, interviewees are part of United States Academic Outreach in India. Moreover, expecting to increase student visa appointments by 20% this year. 


Furthermore, Number of Indian students is expect to grow in 2 years. By 2025 approximately 3,00,000 students will study in the US. There was a small dip in 2020-2021 when 1.67 lakh students were studying in the USA. Also the number surpassed pre-pandemic level in 2021-2022 as 1.99 lakh students enrolled in different universities across the country. 

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement highlighted approximately 64,300 Indian students. The students who went to America in 2022 while its biggest market and also China saw its number to shrink to 24,769. It is difficult to predict the exact number of students who will study in the USA by 2025 due to factors like economic conditions, political landscapes, and policies related to international education. As per the current trend in USA there are around 2 lakh Indian students. It will not be surprisingly shocking if the number of students increases up to 3 lakhs in the next year or two.

Study Abroad: Record Number of Indian Students to Study in USA

By 2025 with a bunch of new policies and announcements there is a set target to get 2 million incoming over the next-half decade. India will contribute to 5 Lakh + for 1.3Mn – 1.4Mn mid mark. Growth can also rise among students opting for newer courses in the USA. Instead of traditional options STEM courses such as Computer Science, Business-related programmes.

UG students who are opting for new courses while going to the USA are richer and can take risks.  Although UG courses are expensive and the students who choose that don’t see getting a job as a course choice. 

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