Study Abroad: More International Students Choosing Australia as Their Study Abroad Destination. Know More.

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A growing number of Indian families are increasingly interested in sending their children to Australia for higher education.

The UNESCO mobility data (2021) shows that the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK are the top 4 destinations for Indian students. Indian students make up the second-largest cohort, behind Chinese students, in all destinations except Canada. In Canada, Indian student numbers have surpassed Chinese Student numbers. 

The fundamentals suggest even further growth in the outbound studies from India. Currently, only 13% of India’s 20-24-year-olds obtain a university education, half the rate of China at 26%. Considering the shortage of higher education institutions within India and it’s future economic growth, it’s likely that India will overtake China.

Indian students have a wide range of options to obtain a high-quality international qualification and a life-changing experience. Multiple host countries recognize the economic benefits, as well as the cultural richness and societal benefits of international students. Along with that, governments are offering them more benefits, including scholarships, work rights, and potential migration pathways.

Higher Education Trend from Australia

The quality of education, value for money, and access to post-study work rights are the key drivers of Indian student. The country is a rapidly growing and popular destination seen to offer a high-value proposition.

Australia is a world-class education system with highly ranked universities, a safe, welcoming, attractive weather and a multicultural society. Australia has a beautiful natural environment, part-time work opportunities while studying, high salaries, favourable post-study work visas and economic opportunity.

In 2011, around 5,000 Indian students, a year chose to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Australia. By 2019, the number had increased to more than 40,000. With Australian borders reopening late last year, the numbers are continuing to bounce back very strongly.

PG, masters make up 74% of all Indian students in Australia. Many Indian families are sending their children to Australia. Management and commerce studies comprise 37% of student choices. It is followed by information technology at 30% which is rapidly increasing year on year. Science, engineering, and arts make up the other key study choices, along with health-related courses also growing in demand.

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