Study Abroad: 8 New PGWP Changes for International Students by IRCC

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Study Abroad 8 New PGWP Changes for International Students by IRCC

IRCC is surveying 8 possible changes considered for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program for international students. These new changes to the eligibility criteria are being considered to be implemented for international students already in Canada as well as future cohorts. Canada has made major changes to the program this year to crack down on abuse of the system and now a new 8 point survey has surfaced indicating that further refinement of this program is under consideration.


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8 New Changes to PGWP being Considered by the IRCC

Question 1: If PGWP eligibility were restricted based solely on occupations in shortage and corresponding programs of study, which occupations should be included based on the needs in your area? Please indicate if any occupations in shortage should have been reflected in the mapping document, along with your rationale.

Question 2: What, if any, cohorts should be exempted from these changes, such as francophone students, graduate degree programs, or others? Please indicate the rationale.

Question 3: Should international students be required to demonstrate proof of a job offer aligned with the occupational shortage list to hold a PGWP beyond one year?

Question 4: Should any other eligibility criteria (language, provincial support, etc.), apart from a job offer, be applied to PGWP holders seeking to extend their permit past one year?

Question 5: What is your view of applying these labour market-based changes to PGWP eligibility to all graduates upon announcement this year, rather than grandfathering students who are already studying in Canada at the time of implementation?

Question 6: How often should the occupational shortage list be revised, and at what point thereafter should it be applied to students whose studies are underway?

Question 7: Do changes to the PGWP being explored align with the profiles of candidates you’d like to remain working in your jurisdictions in the long term?

Question 8: Is your PNP positioned to offer a viable pathway to permanent residence for international graduates with job offers in these key sectors? Are there any gaps between the labour market needs you have identified and your PNP’s existing streams? Will any PNP stream amendments be required to ensure they remain responsive to graduates and PGWP holders in specific occupations (e.g., regulated occupations)?

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