Study in Australia: GO8 Suggests Measures to Retain Skilled Int’l Students Under the 2024-2025 Permanent Migration Program

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Study in Australia: GO8 Suggests Measures to Retain Skilled Int’l Students Under the 2024-2025 Permanent Migration Program

Before releasing the new Permanent Migration Program, the Department of Home Affairs, Australia asks some organisations in different fields to send their suggestions. Group of Eight (GO8) the group of 8 prestigious higher education education institutions was also asked for its say. 


Addressing Australia’s high demand for skilled labour in various sectors, and the boom of international education in the country the suggestions sent by the GO8 were focused on retaining highly skilled international students. 

Australia is facing a great demand and shortage of skilled labour in several sectors. They also identified the gap in the retention of international students as only 16 per cent of the students actually stay back for a longer duration.

GO8 has therefore advised to make more adaptable and flexible migration policies. Moreover, as international students have already been tested to the Australian standards and woven into the system properly retaining them to fill the high skilled workforce gaps is only befitting, suggests GO8. 

Target Sectors That Require Workforce

Sectors such as healthcare, social assistance, and professional, scientific and technical services require skilled professionals in Australia. GO8 also suggests that new permanent migrants should also be able to sustain Australia’s expertise in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cyber technologies, machine learning and advanced manufacturing. 

This will help in bridging the gaps and maintaining an upper hand in the domestic industries. The preparation of the Core Skills Occupation List by the Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) will further clarify the targetted sectors. This list is used to design the Core Skills Pathway for temporary migration and can also be used for permanent migration henceforth given that workforce requirements in top positions are also scarce. 

Major Recommendations by GO8  

  • Australia must assess and apprehend the community sentiment towards all migrants. 
  • The government must be adept at flexibility to quickly address the areas of need. It should also take actions based on responsive policy-making.
  • GO8 also advised to put the Talent and Innovation visa into effect. It was in discussions earlier and should now be implemented carefully.
  • Government should also assess the barriers that are not letting the migrants stay long-term in Australia. 
  • In order to retain international students they should also introduce the new Skills in Demand Visa.
  • The age requirement for PhD students for a Temporary Graduate Visa (485) should remain at an upper limit of 50 years. 
  • Lastly, a seamless transition to the new migration policy with a proper check on the visa processing time. 

This is all about the recommendations sent by GO8 to the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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