Study Abroad in Canada: Tuition Fees Exempted for Canadian Study Permits

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tuition fees
The preferred study-abroad destination for students is Canada; overseas students don’t need to pay tuition fees for Canadian study permits.

As per the data released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the trend in 2022 shows, 5,50,000 new international students are Indian students. Approximately, 2,26,450 visas were approved. One of the popular destinations to pursue higher studies abroad is Canada. 


International Students no longer need to pay full or part of their tuition fees to be eligible for a Canada study permit. As long as Canadian students are proven to bear all their expenses themselves, they are invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. There will be no penalty charged for unpaid tuition fees during the submission of the application status. 

tuition fees

Why Are Tuition Fees Exempted?

Recently, there was an Iranian Student’s case (Tehrania V Canada) where the student’s application was rejected by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This happened because of not paying tuition fees. This ruling removes a barrier for International students looking forward to studying in Canada. Due to a lack of financial assistance, some students may be unable to pay the full or partial tuition fees when applying for a study permit.

Moreover, Canada has always been the most popular destination for students to plan their higher studies. Even for Nigerian students, one of the fastest and easiest ways to study route is “Japa”. Additionally, every year hundreds of Nigerian students migrate to Canada for higher studies. 

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Canadian Migrant Policy for Academic Emigrations

In the year, 2023-2025, the government revealed that Canada is opening doors to 1.5 million migrants. Also, there are six must-have documents required to study in Canada for Nigerian students. Moreover, one thing to pay attention to is study permits will not allow students to enter Canada and it will not be considered as a visa. Additionally, students require electronic travel authorization or visitor visas along with their study permits.

Moreover, Canada is the most preferred destination for studying abroad because of the smooth immigration process, tremendous opportunities for students, a student-friendly environment, and quality seeking education.

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