Study Abroad in Australia: Work Cap Hours Increased for Overseas Students

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work cap hours
Work cap hours increased from 40 to 48 hours per fortnight with the New Law Amendment from July 1, 2023, in Australia.

Thrilling news for overseas students in Australia. New normal post-pandemic amendments for student visa work restrictions are announced. Both primary and secondary student visa holders can work for a limit of 40 hours per fortnight. Basically, the government has decided to relax student visa work restrictions and increase work cap hours. 


This new initiative was taken to address the workforce shortage that the country was facing. New regulations will be implemented from 1st July onwards. Henceforth, work cap hours will be increased from 40 to 48 hours per fortnight. Additionally, this will be applicable to all overseas students, whenever they plan their studies in Australia

Moreover, Australia is expanding post-study work rights for overseas graduates. This decision will lead to an increasing number of overseas students residing in the country. After completing their studies has been under consideration since September 2022. 

The Council for International Education will implement the new law from the 1st of July. Based on the previous law, overseas students resided in the country for 2 years after pursuing their bachelor-level studies. Masters level students resided for 3 years and Ph.D. holders resided with entitlement for 4 years based on their visa. 

Furthermore, the amendment of the new law will be starting on July 1st, 2023.  A 2-year work extension for a post-study work visa is available to overseas graduates on a temporary graduate visa. This is an additional 2 years on top of the existing time allowed for those who work and stay in regional areas. Moreover, overseas students with higher studies degrees received this extension of work cap hours. 

Reason For Increasing Work Cap Hours

There is a huge need for skilled workers in Australia to limit the pressures weighing their economy and labour market. There is an urgent need to retain overseas students to balance the country’s current skill crisis. Approximately, Australian Dollar 40.3 Billion in economic activity before the pandemic. 

Moreover, more than a hundred overseas students enroll in world-class universities every year. Likewise, only a few of them stay here like 16%. So basically, Australia is worse off socially and economically. Extension of working rights by increasing the work cap hours for Ph.D. students will rapidly show a significant boost to the development. This increase will lead to the most generous host countries in terms of post-study work rights. 

Furthermore, the list of programs eligible for extension applies to around 226 courses. This will include allied health, medical and nursing, agriculture, engineering, teaching, professional health, and many more.

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