Study in South Korea: New Educational Initiatives Introduced to Attract More International Students

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Study in South Korea: New Educational Initiatives Introduced to Attract More International Students

South Korea’s Ministry of Education has recently unveiled a new 5-year plan. With this, they aim to attract 300,000 international students to tackle the nation’s rapidly declining school-age population. 


The ministry also aims to enhance the competitiveness of local universities which are going through enrollment shortages. Let’s have a look at the government’s planning that is designed to solve this problem.

Study in South Korea: New Ambitious Initiatives Introduced to Attract International Students; Know More

What are the Initiatives?

Here are all the steps which the government is trying to implement to tackle the problem:

  • To get more international students, the Education Ministry is planning to revise the International Education Quality Assurance System. This will stipulate more first-year international students come to South Korea for study.
  • The government will also lift the requirement barrier while strengthening education on the Korean language and culture. 
  • The current offline TOPIK exam will also become online. 
  • The Culture and Education Ministries will work together to meet the rising demand for Korean language instruction.
  • The ministry will work with regional governments outside of Seoul to entice international talent to universities in these places, which it views as a step that could save institutions in rural areas struggling with a lack of students.

Moreover, the government also plans to incorporate service centres for international students at overseas Korean education centres to encourage them to study in Korea. All these steps will make going to South Korea much easy. Upon reaching the country, students will get a lot of exposure.

The ministry, in particular, wants to increase state subsidies for students from nations with a significant desire for economic cooperation with Korea in order to draw high-skilled individuals. 

These countries include the United Arab Emirates, which has a sizable nuclear energy industry, and Poland, which is renowned for its aerospace and defence industries.

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