Study Abroad for Higher Studies: 30 Lakh Students went abroad from India in 6 Years 

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The government of India is spending a huge amount of money on students for going abroad. Approximately 30 Lakh Students went Abroad in last 6 years for their Higher Studies

As per the trend in 2022 approximately 7,50,365 went abroad for higher studies. The government made a great initiative, with high availability of educational resources. A huge amount of money is being invested abroad henceforth, providing high-quality education and high standards in the country. On the basis of statistical figures from 2017 to 2022 International students moving abroad stands at around 30,12,917.


One of the major reasons is International students are going abroad for higher studies or on their verbal disclosure on the type of visa of the destination country.

Study Abroad for Higher Studies: 30 Lakh Students went abroad from India in 6 Years 

Reasons for Studying Abroad for Higher Studies

Furthermore, students are planning their education abroad to experience different styles of education. Students will experience different cultures, and traditions and understand new people’s perspectives. Undoubtedly, the education system will vary a lot. Students will also get good exposure and career opportunities in respective fields outside the world. A new chance to language skills, come out of your comfort zone, meet new people from different places and get the best education at the same time by living abroad.

In 2017, an estimated 4,54,009 students moved abroad for education or higher studies. Additionally, it increased to 5,17,998 in 2018 whereas in 2019 it was 5,86,337. Due to the pandemic, in 2020 there was the least migration of International students, after travel restrictions and lockdown there was a sudden increase in 2021 by 42%. 

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Furthermore, as per the trend in 2022, a total of 7,50,365 students migrated last year. It has been observed that the amount spent by Indian students on educational studies is not being maintained by the Education Ministry. 

Lastly, planning your education abroad will give you exposure and experiences that will make you stand out from the competition as you apply for jobs and also your experience of studying abroad will be something you can share on your resume.

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