Study in UK: Healthcare Education Become Easier as Govt Increases Financial Support 

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Study in UK: Govt Increases Financial Support for Healthcare Studies 

The UK government has increased the financial aid for healthcare education starting from September 1st, 2023. The changes are on the basis of the NHS Long Term Work Force Plan. Consequently, travel and accommodation support for healthcare education is increased by 50%. Moreover, students will be appropriately reimbursed for the clinical placements and the traveling expenses.


According to the Minister of State for Health, Will Quince ‘’Working in the NHS is incredibly rewarding. Hence, we want to ensure that a diverse range of students can pursue careers in midwifery, medicine, or nursing.” 

Efforts have been made to ensure that students are appropriately reimbursed for any additional expenses related to traveling, clinical placements, and the enhancement of means-tested and childcare support for medical students. These changes became effective from September 1, in time for the 2023 to 2024 academic year..

Study in UK: Govt Increases Financial Support for Healthcare Studies 

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Aid for Healthcare Studies 

Students who are eligible for nursing, midwifery, medical and dental courses, and allied health professions can claim financial aid. That is, they are able to claim 50% or more for travel and accommodation expenses. Moreover, students from low-income families are eligible for financial help as the UK government has announced. 

Consequently, they will be able to claim more money for any trips taken as a part of their training and clinical placements in hospitals. For example, a student who travels 1000 miles by motorcycle or car during their placement can now receive £420/ INR 43,475.75. Previously, the amount was £280 /INR 28,983.32. 

 However, the government will increase the means-testing threshold for NHS Bursary Scheme. That is, raising the amount a partner/student can earn before they are eligible for support from £24,279/ INR 25,13,822.53 to £26,076/ 26,99,853.94.

Changes Made in Financial Support to Medical Students

As per the UK government, a 50% increase in travel and accommodation expenses is available. It will include the travel on the student’s own peddle cycle (20p to 30p per mile), travel in or own motor vehicle, (28p to 42p per mile), and commercial accommodation, ( from current £55/ INR 5,684.25  to up to £82.50/INR 8,527.56 per night), and noncommercial accommodation expenses.

Additionally, the changes made to the NHS Bursary Scheme for medical students will uplift the means test testing threshold to £26,076 from £24,279.  Moreover, the childcare allowance has been uplifted. It is based on the rate given by the Department for Education for earlier years of study. That is medical students will be able to claim more support for childcare costs.

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