Study Abroad: ETS Launches First-Ever Test Center in Kashmir for TOEFL and GRE Exams

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Educational Testing Services (ETS) have set up a new centre for TOEFL and GRE in Srinagar, Kashmir. The centre is located at Hashtag Educational Services with all cutting-edge facilities and accessibility. 


This ETS centre will reduce the need for students in Kashmir to travel long distances. Also, they won’t have to worry about staying in a far-off city while also trying to ace the test scores. Students earlier used to travel to the neighbouring state of Punjab to give TOEFL and GRE. 

ETS is a US-based non-profit educational assessment, research, and measurement organisation. It has always helped students to fulfil their study abroad dreams and is now extending its arms to those living in remote areas of India.  

How Does it Benefit Study Abroad Aspirants?

First of all, this provision has reduced the need to travel across states to give the exam in Punjab. Having a test centre nearby will save their time and make the process cost-effective. 

Students will also be less stressed to have a test centre close by making them more focused on their scores. Moreover, proximity to the centre also allows students more flexibility to plan their exam schedules. ETS has not just brought a test centre, but the study abroad dream closer to the students. 

The ETS centre is laid with advanced amenities to facilitate the test. It is also made to ensure the security protocols for the test making the TOEFL and GRE exams even more hassle-free. The only thing the students will now have to worry about is the TOEFL or GRE preparation.   

Lastly, it is also evident with this decision that ETS is dedicated to promoting the study abroad dreams for students in India, taking it to the remotest corners possible. This is a great step in times when the world is opening up to welcome international students. 

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