Study Abroad: Deakin University International Branch in Gujarat

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Deakin University International Branch
Deakin University International Branch
One of the most prestigious universities in Australia, Deakin University is about to open its International Branch in Gujarat.

India is about to have its first international campus in GIFT city (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City), Gujarat. International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) approves Deakin University international branch in GIFT IFSC.

Financial Innovations from Deakin University International Branch

The GIFT IFSC region of Gujarat is one of the fastest developing areas of India. This area lacks media coverage for its innovations and institutions. As a result, undercover financial innovations did not make it to the knowledge of the average mass. Deakin University’s international branch is not the only news that makes the area more popular. The financial institutions based out of GIFT city waited a long time for exchange probabilities. Exchanges have the capability to allow greater growth in the region. This international branch campus of Deakin University will make the area a robust ecosystem. There will be high-end human resources for financial institutions. This will be an opportunity for the country to unfurl the real potential of the India-Australia educational partnership.

Education at IBC Deakin University

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister of India, resonated with some great initiatives for the GIFT region. Thus, the Union Budget 2023 made way for this University to build its market in India. The university’s IBC would have courses in Financial Management, FinTech, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The minister made clear suggestions that only IFSCA has the power to make regulations. This is to promote the financial growth of the region making the Deakin University International branch a success. All foreign universities globally have accepted the IFSCA regulations. 

Reduced Cost & Greater Opportunities

Hence, the venture is supposed to engage international students in India and gain great financial leverage for both economies. The University is now approved by the GIFT Committee of Experts to provide the same degree courses as in Australia. Both Indian and international students will get the opportunity to have quality education inside India. This means, a lower cost of education providing skilled employees for India and abroad.

Deakin University International branch

Thus, for Indian students who want to get international education but at lower costs, this is a great opportunity. Not only great cost but also great work opportunities around the area of the University campus. Deakin University’s international branch might change the education system in India soon.

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