Study Abroad: University of Queensland Tops Australia’s Most Comprehensive Rankings

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Study Abroad: University of Queensland Tops Australia’s Most Comprehensive Rankings
Deborah Terry – Vice Chancellor, University of Queensland

The Australian Financial Review has recently released its Australian University Rankings. This is the first of its kind ranking that includes the full diversity of institutions in Australia


Financial Reviews considers factors such as student satisfaction, research performance, global reputation, career impact, and equity and access to rank the Australian universities. 

Student satisfaction is one of the most important factors of all for this ranking. Moreover, equity and access is an exclusive factor in these rankings which is not considered in any international rankings. 

Australian Financial Review Rankings

If these factors are also important to you while choosing a university to study abroad then go through this list of universities. 

RankingsUniversity Score
#1University of Queensland76
#2University of New South Wales75
#3Australian National University74
#4Monash University73
#5University of Adelaide72
#6Edith Cowan University70
#7Deakin University69
#7University of Melbourne69
#7University of Technology Sydney69
#7University of Wollongong69

What’s the Difference?

These rankings are different as they somewhat challenge the international criteria of ranking universities. It is more inclusive and considers the individuality of universities by assessing them on 5-star parameters. 

Students often take university rankings as gospels and start chasing the top-ranked universities. However, there are many other factors that they can take into account to determine their choice. 

These individual factors are mostly available in the rankings parameters but students have to consider university scores in each factor to arrive at their ideal choice. 

Moreover, certain factors such as equity and access are ignored at an international level but are included in this rankings. There are other factors too such as student-to-faculty ratio that students completely ignore at times. 

As a student, you should always consider the value of your curriculum that contributes to your learning experience as well as future goals before shortlisting a university. These practices needed generalisation at a global level. 

Therefore, Financial Review has not only given us a new set of rankings for Australian universities but also broke some stereotypes to let students make informed choices. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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