Study Abroad in the UK: IHEF Support to Indian International Students

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IHEF support
Amidst huge hikes in tuition fees and accommodation costs comes IHEF support to relieve plight of international students, especially Indians.

The UK is among the top study destinations for Indian students. However, the turbulent global economy is predicting inflation soon due to recessive times. The reflected result is the sudden price hike in tuition fees for international students in the UK. IHEF support to Indian international students comes to the rescue of Indian students studying abroad. The International Higher Education Forum rightly raises its strong opinion calling the impact ‘problematic’.


Hike In UK University Tuition Fees

Inflation in the UK hit 10% in the latter half of 2022. Consequently, British universities increased tuition fees to be able to support faculty wages and towering energy costs. With this ongoing scenario, universities expect incomes from international student admissions to reduce to one-third by 2025. The Founder of the University of Buckingham Medical School says this hike was inevitable. However, the revised fee of GBP 12,000 to GBP 13,000 per international student seems ‘problematic’ according to IHEF.

IHEF Support to Student As The TaxPayer

There is a great reason why there is requirement for IHEF support to Indian international students in the UK. Most Indians are on loans to study abroad with long repayment tenures. As taxpayers, during repayment, their repayment terms and amounts would increase once the tuition fees are increased. While this would benefit the Government, it would submerge more students in debt. The Director of SOAS, Adam Habib, put out an insightful criticism for the international students. “There’s certainly a debate to be had over whether the current approach is sustainable over the long term.”

Opportunities for the International Student

25% of the mass of UK international students are Indians. The UK disbursed the maximum number of study visa grants to Indian students in 2022. However, Jamie Arrowsmith, Director of UUKi, said there was “widespread recognition of the risks of overreliance on students from a single market”. Indian students are attracted to UK Universities because of the great quality of education, campus opportunities, and industry exposure. The panellists at a UK international education conference debated how Indians are into ‘brain circulation’ in global markets. At the same time, the UK knows Indian students are looking for intellectual dominance.

A panellist inferred, “They want their country to be more productive, more advanced.” Thus, with the increasing costs of education, the Government is also planning for financial aid and accommodation support for Indians. This is so because the UK realizes having massive dependence on India as a market. Losing India will subside their own economy.

Thus, Indian students prepping for UK study abroad dreams can buckle up to get scholarships to lessen their burden. Also, they might get faster approvals for accommodations in the UK taking a cue from Ireland Government’s accommodation plans.

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