Study Abroad in Tennessee: The College of Communication and Information launched Information Integrity Institute as a Part of the foreign education 

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Study Abroad in Tennessee: The College of Communication and Information launched Information Integrity Institute as a Part of the foreign education
The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is expanding its capability to focus on interdisciplinary research, thanks to the College of Communication and Information for launching the Information Integrity Institute.

The institute will focus on the various research options throughout the college, including trusted data, disinformation, misinformation, identifying proper information, and other relevant topics. 


The professor of Information sciences, Suzie Allard, took some brainstorming sessions in the college to identify the relevant as well as the helpful research groupings. After that, it becomes clear that opportunities are there to enhance the research in a specific area of foreign education with numerous aspects such as information. 

Allard also stated that people in modern society are constantly bombarded by numerous pieces of information. This is why many people face problems differentiating good information from irrelevant ones. The well-being of the community as well as the individuals is dependent on the finding of information that will prove relevant as well as trustworthy. 

The director of Journalism and Electronic Media, Catherine Luther has been named as the director of the institute. After receiving the second Fulbright scholarship in the Czech Republic, Luther has returned to conduct research as well as teach at Masaryk University

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Opinion of Luther on Foreign Education 

Luther stated that the primary focus of the institute is to boost the overall research opportunities as well as prove different places for more interdisciplinary work culture as per the rules and policies of the college. Due to the diversity and foreign education of the college campus, the research and study options of the faculty are expanding. 

Luther stated that the institute will help the researchers develop a more thorough understanding and research to help the individuals respond, consume, and share different pieces of information. Due to her experience, she has focused on the reinforced data items that are extremely beneficial for students with different areas of knowledge so that they can work together. 

Apart from the effective work that is conducted through information integrity, the College of Communication and Information also has reputed scholars who are capable of providing a global perspective on information integrity and foreign education.  

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