Study Abroad: Top Countries With Lowest Student-to-Staff Ratio

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Study Abroad: Top Countries With Lowest Student-to-Staff Ratio

The student-to-staff ratio is an important aspect when deciding on a university to study abroad. Having a low student-to-staff ratio means less number of students are under each teacher. Therefore, the teacher can focus on the progress of the students better. Especially in higher education, students need the attention of teachers and work closely on research projects. 


As THE WUR 2024 has just been released, the organisation has also shed insights on the countries and universities with the lowest student-to-staff ratios. Indonesia has topped this list with the lowest ratio this year. The country has also grown its score to 82.4 out of 100. This is a 42% growth shown in the last 5 years. 

Other Countries With Lowest Student-to-Staff Ratio

The countries that follow Indonesia on this list are Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Japan, Russian Federation, Denmark, Malaysia, Switzerland and Sweden. Tunisia and Ukraine have also shown notable improvements within a few years under this parameter.  

However, under this parameter, only those countries are considered which have at least 6 ranking institutions. Those institutions should have been examined and must also have been ranked since 2020. 

Country Ranking Institutions
IndonesiaUniversity of Indonesia (#801 – #1000)
UkraineSumy State University (#401 – #500)
TunisiaUniversity of Tunis El Manar (#801 – #1000)
Saudi ArabiaKing Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (#201 – #250)
JapanUniversity of Tokyo (#29)

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