Study in Australia: Number of International Students Reaches 130,000+ in July 

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Study in Australia: Number of International Students Reaches 130000+ in July

The new number of international students entering Australia to pursue higher education has surged beyond previous records. A recorded number of 131,640 international students have come to Australia to study in July 2023. 


The chief executive of Universities Australia is thrilled at the quality of education they impart that drives such a massive influx of students each year. The environment and facilities provided by the top Aussie universities speak for themselves.  

Moreover, Catriona Jackson, the chief executive of Universities Australia has confirmed that they want numbers better than this to reach the pre-covid levels. Hence, it is ensured that facilities and provisions for international students will get even better. 

Int’l Students in Australia in 2022 vs 2023

As per the latest report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of students has more than doubled in 2023. The organisation has confirmed the arrival of 131,640 international students in the month of July.

This alone is a difference of 60,420 students in both the years till July. Furthermore, estimates point out that 50,630 more students have arrived to study in Australia in the month of August. Calculations are underway and soon we will have a new all-time-high number of students building their careers abroad. 

These students come from 144 countries around the world to seek world-class education at Aussie universities. Australia has always promoted global education and is abiding by its motto to do better. 

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