Top Universities in Russia

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Top Universities in Russia

A doorway to the world’s most diverse continents, studying in Russia is an excellent opportunity to experience the incredible history, lifestyle and culture of age-old mainlands like Northern Europe and Asia. With a literacy rate of 98%, Russia is one of the leading education powerhouses with 1000 universities! Most of its universities are located in student-friendly cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg which makes student life more vibrant and cosmopolitan. Universities in Russia are renowned for their quality education and research facilities in fields like engineering, mathematics and natural sciences. If you want to study the Russian heartland and scale the snowy mountains on your summer break then here are some of the best universities in Russia!

Study MBA in Russia, Largest Country in the World!

Top 10 Universities in Russia

Name of the University Town QS World Rankings 2022
Lomonosov Moscow State University Moscow 78
Saint Petersburg State University Saint Petersburg =242
Novosibirsk State University Novosibirsk  =246
Tomsk State University Tomsk =272
Bauman Moscow State Technical University Moscow =281
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Dolgoprudny =290
HSE University Moscow =305
RUDN University Moscow =317
National Research Nuclear University Moscow =319
Ural Federal University – UrFU Ekaterinburg =351
MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency Moscow =362
Kazan Federal University  Kazan =347
Itmo University Saint Petersburg =365

Lomonosov Moscow State University

YouTube: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the best and highest ranked universities by QS World Rankings in Russia. Founded in 1755 by Mikhail Lomonosov who emphasized on studying and pushing the boundaries of applied sciences. The university offers over 500 further education courses and programs in different languages like English and Russian. The university has some quality programs like MBA, MBBS and various physical sciences courses. The university has a stellar reputation of producing Nobel Prize winners as well as global researchers, it has over 36% of international students making it a diverse landscape and learning environment.

Saint Petersburg State University

YouTube: St Petersburg State University

Russia’s first ever university, St Petersburg State University was founded in 1724 to educate millions of students. Its initiative to combine innovation and tradition attracts 3000 international students every year from over 100 different countries. The university has a successful record of producing global careers, Nobel prize winners in diverse fields and holds partnerships with 500 universities for research, student exchange programs and dual courses. Studying at St Petersburg is a combination of adventure and academic excellence with the university offering 700 student clubs and experiences. 

Novosibirsk State University

YouTube: Novosibirsk State University

A leading university of scientific research, Novosibirsk State University is a special university with 80% of NSU faculty members are scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The university gained the status of National Research University in Russia in 2007 has retained its legacy by producing excellent research in the field of sciences. Some of the most popular courses are engineering, business, psychology, geology, computer science, etc. Home to a library spanning 27 kms and Siberian wilderness, the university is a paradise for students who love to read, soak in nature and experience a Narnia-like city at affordable prices!

Tomsk State University

YouTube: Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University is the first Siberian Imperial University and the oldest university in Russian Asia. A hub of educational excellence, the university has over 16,000 and 2000 international students. TSU offers an expansive range of 54 courses in English language, 42 scientific schools and advanced scientific equipment to help students nourish their research acumen. Located in a student city, the university has a number of student exchange programs with universities across the globe. 

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

YouTube: Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Another public university tucked away in the heartlands of Russia, Bauman Moscow State Technical University is renowned for its work in aviation, rocket science as well as industrial research. The university has 19 departments offering exclusive courses in engineering, technology, physics, astronomy and computer science. The university has a talented yet small group of international students studying in the most prestigious and student- friendly city of Moscow!

Universities in Russia for MBBS

Perm State Medical University Russian  Rs. 70,000 Rs. 3,15,000 Rs. 3,85,000
Bashkir State Medical University Russian Rs. 70,000 Rs. 2,45,000/- Rs 3,15,000
Orenburg State Medical University Russian Rs. 84,000 Rs. 4,20,000 Rs. 5,04,000
Tver State Medical University Bilingual  Rs. 24,500 Rs.4,48,000 Rs. 4,72,500
Kursk State Medical University Bilingual  Rs. 84,000 Rs. 4,58,500 Rs. 5,35,500
Smolensk State Medical University Bilingual  Rs. 40,000 Rs. 3,85,000 Rs. 4,25,000
Ryazan State Medical University English Rs.35,000 Rs.3,15,000 Rs. 3,50,000
St. Petersburg Medical University English Rs.1,12,000 Rs. 3,85,000 Rs. 4,97,000
Kazan State Medical University  English Rs. 84,000 Rs. 4,37,500 Rs. 5,21,500

Study at Tver State Medical University

Universities in Russia for Engineering

  • ITMO University
  • Tomsk State University
  • Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Saint Petersburg State University
  • Novosibirsk State University
  • Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Here is a list of popular courses for masters in Russia:

Name Of The Course Tenure  Language 
Master In Political Analysis And Public Policy 2 Years  English 
Msc In Mathematics  2 Years  English 
Master In International Business 2 Years  English 
Master In International Relations In Eurasia  2 Years  English 
Master In System And Engineering  2 Years  English 
Master In Financial Economics  2 Years  English 
Msc In Applied Social Psychology  2 Years  English 
Master In Comparative Social Research  2 Years  English 
Master In Governance Of Science, Technology And Innovation  2 Years  English 
Master In Global Business  2 Years  English 
Master In Population And Development  2 Years  English 
Master In Philosophy  2 Years  English 
Master In Data Science  2 Years  English 
Double Degree Masters In Economic , Politics And Business In Asia  2 Years  English 

Top courses for bachelors that international students:

Courses  Tenure  Language 
Bachelor In Political Science And World Politics  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In Aircraft Engineering  4 Years  English 
Bachelors In Social Work  4 Years  English 
Bachelors In Psychology  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In Chemistry  4 Years  English 
International Bachelor Science Programme  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In International Relations  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In Global Economy  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In Sociology And Social Informatics  4 Years  English 
Bachelor Programme International Business And Management Studies  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In Russian As A Foreign Language  4 Years  English Spanish Russian ChineseItalian  French German 
Online Bachelor In International Business With Dual Degree Program  4 Years  English 
Bachelor In Biotechnology  4 Years  English 
Bsc In Earth Science  4 Years  English 

All About Smolensk State Medical University

Cost of Studying and Living 

Cost of living in Russia is quite affordable which is why many international students travel from across the world to study in reputable universities that offer top-notch courses:

Expenditure  Cost of Living
Education 1, 22, 500-88,0000 Rubles  (INR 1,24,473.96- 8,12,891.19)
Food 10, 000 Rubles (INR 10,166.79)
Transport 405 Rubles (INR 411.66)
Internet, Mobile Phone  800 Rubles (INR 812.59)
Culture , Sport,And Entertainment 4000 Rubles (INR 4,063.36)
Dormitory 5000  Rubles (INR 5,079.20)

Know All About Perm State Medical University (PSUM) in Russia

Want to study and explore one of the most surmountable countries in the world then these universities in Russia are your gateway! If you are planning to study in some of the best universities in the world then pick up your phone and call our Leverage Edu expert on 1800 572000 to start an unforgettable journey!

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