Study abroad in the UK: UK might allocate more part-time work hours to international students 

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Study abroad in the UK: UK might allocate more part-time work hours to international students 
The government of the United Kingdom stated that they are pondering to implement for part-time work hours for the international students so that they can gain more financial stability

Rishi Sunak, prime minister of the United Kingdom, stated that his government is planning to implement numerous strategies that would boost the hour permit of part-time work, especially for the international students. This move will help Indian and other international students earn more while living and studying in the UK


Generally, students who have tier 4 visa is allowed to choose part-time work with not more than 20 hours a week. Even during holidays, they can’t work for extra hours. 

As per the recent suggestion from the UK government, the new rule would make the inertantional students eligible for 30 hours of part-time work in a week. 

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However, even though this specific plan is quite effective, there are still numerous clouds associated with this proposal and the government is yet to accept this. 

Why UK Government is Considering to Increase Part-Time Work Hours?

This is because the UK government is focusing on multiple aspects that will boost the overall growth of the economic condition. The country is facing extreme labour shortages. The unemployment rate of the country is currency at 3.7% and more than 1.26 million people of age 16 and above don’t have any job, stated by the UK Labour Market Statistics. 

As the UK government is taking numerous measures to reduce the unemployment rate of the country, the government is looking for multiple ways to encourage bith the international and the domestic students to participate in more part-time work hour jobs, especially oin the retail and hospitality business industry. 

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Stated in an interview that most businesses and organizations in the UK are looking for more potential and qualified employees who are capable of fulfilling the needs of the business. The part-time jobs will undoubtedly remove the barriers and help the international students to work and study in the UK

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