Study Abroad: Know the Minimum Wage in Canada for 2024 for New Immigrants

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Study Abroad: Know the Minimum Wage in Canada for 2024 for New Immigrants

International candidates who are planning to choose Canada for their work must know the new minimum wage in Canada in 2024 and how it will vary from one region to another. From 1st January 2024, the Nunavut government has already raised the minimum wage from $16 to $19 per hour. This is the highest minimum wage in Canada.


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The new wage for federally regulated sectors is expected to be $17.17 per hour and will be effective from 1st April 2024. As per the current inflation rates, Nova Scotians can expect a 4.1% increase in the minimum wage by 2024 i.e from $15 to $15.60 per hour. The minimum wage on Prince Edward Island is planned to rise to $15.40 per hour on 1st April 2024.

New Minimum Wage in Canada: Next Raise Schedule

Check the next schedule for a raise in minimum wage in Canada:

GeographyMinimum Wage as of October 1, 2023Next Raise DateNext Raise Estimate
Ontario$16.55October 1, 2024$17.65
Manitoba$15.30October 1, 2024$16.00
Nova Scotia$15.00October 1, 2024$15.50
Saskatchewan$14.00October 1, 2024$15.00
Newfoundland & Labrador$15.00October 1, 2024$15.50
Prince Edward Island$15.00October 1, 2024$15.50
Canada (Federally regulated private sectors)$16.65April 1, 2024$17.75
New Brunswick$14.75April 1, 2024 (Expected)$15.50
Alberta$15.00To Be Decided (TBD)TBD
British Columbia$16.75June 1, 2024$17.75
Quebec$15.25May 1, 2024$16.25
Nunavut$16.00April 1, 2024TBD
Northwest Territories$16.05September 1, 2024$17.00
Yukon$16.77April 1, 2024$17.50

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