Study Abroad: 5 Tips to Ace Fulbright Scholarship Application 

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Study Abroad: 5 Tips to Ace Fulbright Scholarship Application 
Start the application process early, make sure there are no errors, and seek right recommendations to ace the fulbright application

The Fullbright scholarship is a scholarship program that allows graduates, students, artists, and young professionals to conduct research and study in the US. The scholarship program is available in more than 160 countries, and India is one of them. Each year around 4000 students receive scholarships. However, the eligibility criteria, and the application process vary on the basis of the country.


The Fullbright scholarship is an extremely competitive scholarship. Hence, we have provided 5 tips to secure the scholarship. In India, the scholarship is divided into Fulbright Nehru Fellowship, Fulbright Kalam Scholarship, and other Fullbright scholarships. 

5 Tips to Ace Fulbright Scholarship Application

Study Abroad: 5 Tips to Ace Fulbright Scholarship Application 

Start the application process early

The ideal time to start the application process is 6 months prior to the deadline. It enables the applicant to research extensively about the fulbright scholarship. Moreover, it will give time for the students to read the scholarship instructions and prepare a strong application.

Make sure there are no errors

Prepare a timeline of the achievements in chronological order that includes the experience, education, professional challenges, failures, and success. Next, write a personal statement, and statement of purpose. After completing the application, make sure there are no errors. Additionally,write grammatically correct English.

Seek Right Recommendations

The Fullbright application process requires the candidate to submit recommendations. Hence, it is important to seek the right referees. It is best to go with one referee who is well versed with your work. The referee will have to comment on different aspects of credentials. Hence, hold a few meetings with the referees to make sure they have a clear understanding of the objectives and reasons for the Fulbright application.

Highlight Novelty in the Research

Spend time to find out if similar research has been conducted before. Also, highlight how the research topic will add to the existing literature. Additionally, it is important to have a clear reason ‘why’ the research has to be conducted in the US. For example, getting to interact with US experts in the research.

Select Right Host Institution 

Spend the time to choose the right host institution. That is, seek help from USIEF and IEE in the placement process. Moreover, the objective of the student to pursue the program must align with the specialization available at the institution.

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