Study Abroad: Waterford Ranks Amongst Cheapest Towns in Ireland, Says Study

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Study Abroad: Waterford Ranks Amongst Cheapest Towns in Ireland, Says Study
Recent study says Waterford is the cheapest towns in Ireland. Students can consider this place for pursuing their higher education.

Waterford, a seaport in southeast Ireland, is the world’s most affordable place to study. This information is coming as part of a study. 


The study shows data where student costs and student town rankings are done. This is being done in order from the cheapest to the most expensive. According to research which is being conducted by switcher.ie, it is seen that Waterford is the third cheapest student town. It came after Letterkenny and Sligo.

Money Students Will Have to Splurge 

Any student planning to go to this place should keep the costs in mind. He/She will have to incur a monthly cost of €1,286 on average (INR 1.13 Lakh). While students will have cheaper rents to pay, their monthly rent can go up by 50 per cent. This will be more than Sligo and Letterkenny.

The research also found that all those students eligible for free tuition fees will need to splurge some money. This will include €15,096 on average (INR 13.37 Lakh) for their college education. While international students will have to spend around €25,766 per year (INR 22.83 Lakh). 

Other than this, there are other top five cheapest towns which include Letterkenny, Sligo, Waterford, Dundalk, and Athlone. Surprisingly, Dublin tops the list as the most expensive place to study n Ireland for Irish, EU and International students. 

As compared to this, students in Dublin spend €642 more per month (INR 56k) on rent and other living costs. Dublin has the highest accommodation prices. Over here the students pay twice as much as those in Letterkenny and Sligo.

Additionally, the survey also found that the most expensive regions for a student include Dublin, Maynooth, Cork, Limerick and Carlow.

Any student looking for a place to study should consider this place as this is the cheapest. The student will be best for any student facing any financial difficulties. For more exciting news updates, make sure you contact Leverage Edu and study abroad blogs.

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