Study Abroad: International Students Must Have These 7 Documents to Enter Canada

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International Students Must Have These 7 Documents to Enter Canada

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) does an immigration check on international students and then issues the study permits. The agency has a right to approve or refuse your student visa at Canadian airports. 


Apparently, students have to complete their documentation after reaching the Canadian airport. However, they may experience a longer waiting period as well. A border services officer (BSO) directs the students coming to the appropriate location and submits/reviews their application for a Canadian study permit

Furthermore, there are now designated processing areas in several Canadian airports for students with study visas. 

Study Abroad: International Students Must Have These 7 Documents to Enter Canada

It is generally advised that individuals must carefully check their study permit documents as soon as possible after receiving them.

Also, it is crucial to re-check all the documents before you book your tickets for Canada. 

7 Important Documents to Enter Canada

The list of appropriate documents to enter Canada must be known to students who are willing to study in Canada. However, we curated a brief list of documents for your easy reference. 

  1. Passport
  2. Offer Letter
  3. Valid Study Permit or letter of introduction (approval) from the visa office 
  4. Proof of sufficient funds
  5. No criminal or immigration-related convictions
  6. Valid study foil stamped in the passport or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  7. Health Insurance at the time of entry into Canada

Eligibility To Enter Canada as an International Student

Students applying to study overseas must check their eligibility before starting their application process. The basic eligibility criteria are briefly mentioned below for your reference. 

  1. A valid study permit proving their intention to study in Canada
  2. A valid proof of attending a designated institution (DLI) 

Moreover, visa holders are required to travel to their destination country after receiving their study permit to start their journey.

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