Study in UK: Graduate Visa Allows International Students To Work After Studies, Know All The Details

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Study in UK: Graduate Visa Allows International Students To Work After Studies Know All The Details

The United Kingdom is one of the most preferred countries to study abroad for international students. In 2021 the United Kingdom brought back the Graduate visa that gave international students the opportunity to stay in the UK for work after their completion of study program for a certain period of time.


As the UK shows a plan for strict visa rules for students between a record net migration, here is full information regarding the UK Graduate Immigration Route.

Know About The UK Graduate Visa

In 2021 The UK Graduate Immigration Route was restored after being canceled in 2012, allowing international students finishing Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD studies in the UK to stay back in the country for employment.

Different from the Skilled Worker route, the Graduate Visa permits flexible job shifts, voluntary work, and self-employment. The Graduate Visa also permits the holder to travel abroad and later return to the country.

Who Can Apply For The UK Graduate Visa?

The UK Graduate Visa route is available to only those students who have completed their study program. These study programs must be from an approved UK Higher Education provider and who hold a legit Tier 4 or student visa at the time of application.

Study in UK: Graduate Visa Allows International Students To Work After Studies Know All The Details

Here’s All You Need To Know About UK Graduate Visa

The UK Graduate Visa permits the holder to stay in the country for two years after finally completing their degree and three years if they completed a doctorate degree.

As the visa is about to expire, depending on condition, the holder may be able to switch to another visa route, like Skilled Worker visa, yet the graduate visa is not a route to settlement. Nevertheless, in exceptional cases, it does not permit holders to apply for benefits.

The application fee for this route is £700 and those students who are not applying for jobs in the National Health Service or any other certain care provider roles, will also need to pay a healthcare surcharge of all the requirements and a list of approved universities and colleges are available at the UK government website.

On the other hand, in the year ending June 2023 newly released government stats show there were 142,848 sponsored study visa grants to Indian students. There is an increase of 49,883 (+54%) compared to the year ending June 2022.

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