Study Abroad in Sydney: Award-Winning International Student Leadership and Ambassador Program

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Study Abroad in Sydney: Award-Winning International Student Leadership and Ambassador Program
In the year 2023, Award Winning Overseas Students kicking off the new ambassador program come from 12 countries and speak 19 languages. 

Beginning in 2023 is a prestigious international student leadership and ambassador programme. The new ambassadors hail from 12 different nations and are multilingual. An exciting and happy news to announce that the 2023 semester of our nationally and internationally recognised student leadership and ambassador programme has begun. 


To help ambassadors grow as leaders and work on initiatives for communities of foreign students, mentors provide: work-integrated learning opportunities, and free training, volunteer mentoring.

The programme also supports their development of a feeling of community, new friendships, and local support systems. Building Sydney’s reputation as a sought-after study destination is one of the goals of our award-winning international student leadership and ambassador programme. 

The programme provides free training, opportunities for work-integrated learning, and volunteer work to improve the leadership abilities and experience of international students, which can be applied to their future employment. While taking part in neighbourhood events and activities, participants can also make new friends, create a local support network, and find a feeling of belonging.

The ambassadors also take part in forums relating to international education in order to contribute to the development of community-relevant policies, studies, and services. The City of Sydney provides mentorship and assistance to ambassadors throughout the 12-month programme as they plan and carry out projects to meet the needs of communities of foreign students. They include seminars on leadership, discussions on employment, and sporting events.

The class of 2023 includes:

  • 24 ambassadors
  • Speakers of 19 languages
  • Majors in 15 faculties from information technology, applied sciences and business administration.
  • Students from 11 countries.

The city of Sydney is committed to welcoming overseas students back to Sydney and creating a safe and enjoyable city for everyone. During the 12-month program ambassadors are supported and mentored by the city of Sydney to develop and implement projects to address the needs of international student communities. These include leadership conferences, networking events, sports events and also employment panels. 

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