Study Abroad: University of Maine and HELP University Partners to Expand Global Educational Opportunities

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Source: The Star
The University of Maine and HELP University announce landmark partnership. This will expand global education opportunities.

In an exciting development, the University of Maine, USA and HELP University in Malaysia have announced a transformative partnership. This collaboration aims at revolutionizing academic experiences and fostering global educational opportunities. The partnership focuses on business and psychology education from pre-college to postgraduate levels. 


It aims to integrate credit transfer, micro-credentials, and a wide range of short courses. This will in turn equip students with comprehensive skills and knowledge needed for success in today’s global market.

Prof. John Volin, Provost and Executive VP for Academic Affairs at the University of Maine emphasized the significance of this alliance. He states, “Our collaborative partnership with HELP University unlocks important opportunities for our students and faculty. This will foster a deeper understanding of Southeast Asia’s dynamic economies and cultures and enhance global competencies.”

Volin believes that exposing US students to Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity and HELP’s cosmopolitan environment aligns with the university’s vision. He added, “Studying in Malaysia would offer our students an exceptional global perspective.”

HELP University’s Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan, emphasized the significance of the alliance. He states, “Our collaboration not only offers our students a remarkable opportunity for international exposure and a world-class education but also aligns with our commitment to helping individuals succeed.”

Study Abroad: University of Maine and HELP University Partners to Expand Global Educational Opportunities

Benefits of the Partnership

One unique aspect of this partnership is its commitment to leveraging AI-related tools to enhance the quality of learning. By combining advanced technology and pedagogical methods, the collaboration also aims to create a dynamic, engaging, and effective learning environment.

Recognizing the U.S. as a leading smart technology-driven nation and Asia’s transformation into a creative economy, the alliance is poised to contribute to and influence these emerging industries. By leveraging the strengths of both regions, the partnership seeks to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Given the growing American business interests in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, the collaboration also aims to foster academic collaborations. Also, this will deepen cultural understanding, and stimulate business development.

A key highlight of the partnership is student mobility, allowing students the opportunity to study at both institutions. This initiative also expands their cultural horizons and prepares them to become innovative leaders in an interconnected world.

The partnership aims to transcend traditional academic boundaries and broaden students’ horizons. Moreover, it will empower them to embrace diverse perspectives, and cultivate entrepreneurial skills, ultimately fostering personal and professional growth.

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