Study Abroad: Heidelberg University Germany Scholarship Applications Set to Open on 15th July 2024 

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Study Abroad: Heidelberg University Germany Scholarship Applications Set to Open on 15th July 2024 

Heidelberg University offers German scholarships to students from all nationalities. The scholarships are available to high-achieving students once a year at the beginning of the winter semester.  Beneficiaries are selected at the discretion of a neutral selection committee set up by the Rector of Heidelberg University. The scholarship benefit is an amount of  3,600 euros per year. That is 300 euros per month. The selection process consists of reviewing the student’s academic performance, volunteering activities, and personal and family circumstances. For example, a disability and the migrant background are taken into account. The scholarship applications will open on July 15, 2024.  The deadline to apply for the scholarship is 31st August 2024.

Study Abroad: Heidelberg University Germany Scholarship Applications Set to Open on 15th July 2024 

Germany Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

You can apply for the German scholarship if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • You are a new student wanting to start your studies at the university in the winter semester 
  • You want to transfer to Heidelberg University in a higher semester or want to commence your master’s degree programme in the winter semester.
  • You are a student already enrolled at the Heidelberg University. However, you are not a short-term student, a doctoral student or studying a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) or preliminary induction German course
  • Otherwise, you are a new or continuing student of medical informatics 

Note: You can apply for the Germany scholarship even if you have yet to receive a confirmation to study at Heidelberg University. Moreover, you can enrol at the university after receiving the scholarship.  However, an application for a scholarship is not an application for admission. Both are separate applications. 

Germany Scholarship Application Process 

The Germany scholarship application must be submitted in electronic and written form. (paper format). You can visit the official link of the university to apply for the scholarship. The following are the steps for the application process.

  • First register in the online application portal (applications open on July 15th)
  • Next, fill out the online application form. You must send the same before 31 August 2024
  • Thereafter, print out the online application form and sign the same. You must send this application form along with the relevant documents to Heidelberg University | University Administration | Division 8 | Department 8.2.
  • The applications must be sent before the deadline 

Those receiving another aptitude or performance-based financial support of 30 Euros or more per month are ineligible for this scholarship. 

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