Study Abroad: Finland Expects Highest Record Number of Students by 2030 

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Study Abroad: Finland Expects Highest Record Number of Students by 2030
With the number of Indian students studying abroad in European nations like Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, and others sharply increasing, another contender in the form of Finland hopes to duplicate the success in the coming years.

The number of Indian students enrolling in higher education institutions in Finland, which yearly welcomes 7,500 international students. It has been on the rise, and experts predict that the trend will continue in the years to come. “Each year, about 500 students from India enrolled in degree programmes in Finland.

Since 2021–2022, we have more than doubled the number of visitors from India. According to Harri Hälvä, Senior Specialist, International Marketing Study in Finland. At the networking event, which was held at the MET Institute of Management in Mumbai, senior representatives from Finnish higher education institutions and stakeholders in the Indian education sector were able to interact and exchange ideas.

The latter group is an important ally in Finland’s effort to enrol 15,000 international students by the year 2030.

Study Abroad: Finland Expects Highest Record Number of Students by 2030 

“We want Indian, international students to stay in Finland after finishing their studies. Given that the existing rate is under 50%, our current roadmap aims to employ 75% of international students within a year of their graduation. The school system in Finland helps with the development and image of Erik af Hällström. Also, the consul general of Finland in Mumbai, claims that Finland’s emergence as a destination for foreign education is a result of its domestic success.

The commitment Finland has made to social security, a high standard of living, and access to education. It grants its residents the main factors influencing their score on the Happiness Index. The free education concept, which we implemented even before the sector became more globally competitive, has grown in importance as a recruiting tool, according to Mr. Erik.

Finland’s Eroding Invitation to Foreigners

There have been numerous relaxations as a result of new regulations for overseas students in Finland. Which came into effect on April 15, 2022. Foreign nationals studying in Finland don’t need to renew their visas annually, and jobseeker visas now have a two-year validity period. They are also now permitted to work 30 hours a week, up from 25 in previous years. Given the growing need for a trained workforce in the nation, these adjustments have become essential for Finland.

As new projects are developed, Finland experiences success with collaborative applications. The National Agency for Education in Finland reported that over 53,000 international students had enrolled in the joint. Applications, where students can apply for up to six study programmes with one application, despite a survey by Helsinki-based research organization E2 Tutkimus Institute of 2,500 respondents highlighting that 47% of international students in Finland intend to stop their studies despite the experiences. Ms. Perez continued, “We are also offering courses in cutting-edge disciplines like Sustainability, Renewable energy, Arctic research, and more.

Finnish universities may see an opportunity in the new changes since the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is scheduled to publish regulations for international institutions opening campuses in India in May. A group of academic institutions might be intrigued by the UGC’s suggestion to establish foreign campuses in India. Future campus construction may also be an option, according to Mr. Hälvä. Mr. Erik, who discussed how Finland is different from other nations for international students, agreed with the premise as well. “International students can have a great experience in Finland. Just, because the campuses are spacious, everything is much calmer, and the population density is not that high,” remarked Mr. Erik.

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