Study in US: You don’t require a 4 year degree anymore to work in the US. Get an associate degree from community college

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Exciting and thrilling news is instead of spending 4 years to earn a degree in the USA now you can enroll for an associate degree from a community college. Basically there is a selection of 2 years degree available.

A two year associate degree offered by community colleges allows International students to work in the U.S. International students now have an option to pursue an associate degree instead of a four year undergraduate degree in the U.S. Students who have completed higher secondary education are eligible for associate degree programmes. The degree is perfect for students who want to gain technical, academic, and transferable skills. 

You don’t require a 4 year degree anymore to work in the US. Get an associate degree from community college

Completing an associate degree from the U.S makes Internationals students eligible for Masters in the U.S. Such students can also work in the U.S in various fields such as web development, social media management, computer network support, among others.

Moreover, talking about the several benefits of a two year associate degree program. Some of the benefits are a 2- year associate degree programme will help International students to focus on a particular field. Thus, applying their knowledge to everyday scenarios. 

Furthermore, several community colleges offer associate degree programs online making it flexible for students to study. Also,The degree will dramatically reduce the cost of studying in the US and will have students graduating quicker and the two year- degree can also help an International student to pursue their studies or work in the US.

Types of two-year associate degree programs 

Community colleges offer several two year associate degree programs that International students can take up. Some of these programs include:

  • Associate of Arts (AA) – The course includes the study of business, humanities, arts and social sciences. Students who complete this program either head to work or transfer to 4-year courses
  • Associate of Science (AS)-  Students interested in Mathematics or Science can apply to this course.
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)- The program helps the student to focus on a particular discipline. For example, computer science technology, and hospitality management.  

Lastly, to enroll for 2 year degree programs in the USA, the students who are interested  in pursuing a two-year degree program need to have a minimum score of 60%- 70% in their higher secondary education. Moreover, a cumulative score of 2.0 GPA or above is required for admission. Clearing the IELTS exam with an IELTS score of 6.5 or TOEFL score of 79 is essential. Student visa is also needed by the student to travel to the U.S.

Work in the U.S with a two year associate degree

International students who have completed the 2-year associate degree from the US can apply for Optional Practical Training or OPT. The OPT allows students with F1 visas to be eligible for work in the US. Another option for international students is to apply for employment based visas in the US.International students need to apply for the OPT 90 days before the end of their course. The OPT wil help them to work in a field related to their discipline of study for 12 months. 

The 2-year associate degree programs are less expensive and provide a great alternative to Bachelors. The degree helps students to graduate quicker and makes them eligible to work in the US. To discover more news updates like this one visit Leverage Edu.

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